Here’s how the Pakistanis begged after the “Border Security Force” carried out 9000 rounds of shelling, days ago!

Peace talks are necessary as it promotes the friendly relationship between the two nations. But what is more important and need of the hour is that “when and how” the peace talk is implemented? The BSF has now followed a new model to mould the brainless Pakistani brutes.

Whenever the peace loving Indian soldiers urged Pakistanis not to violate the cease-fire, as a sign of (dis) respect, Pakistanis increased violating the cease-fire. But this time, the Indian soldiers decided to act like a gentlemen. Here’s what the brave soldiers did to the Pakistani rogues.

9000 rounds of motor shelling broke the spine of Pakistanis!

Years back, when Pakistan violated the ceasefire and killed few Indians through its shelling, Indian forces opted for a peace talks with the Pakistani brutes. But this time, the Border Security Forces (BSF) fired over 9,000 rounds of mortar shells across the borders in the last few days as part of “pinpointed” retaliatory action against this “unprovoked” firing from across the border by the Pakistanis.

Whenever the Pakistanis want to push in few terrorists into the Indian soil, their soldiers carry out unprovoked firing which will help to distract the Indians soldiers. But last week the Pakistanis couldn’t carry out their usual plan as the BSF “successfully foiled a number of infiltration attempts from the Pakistani soil.”

What happened in the peace meet?

As the Pakistanis couldn’t sustain the brutal retaliation from the BSF, they immediately urged for a peace meet. The 30-minute meet saw a five-member BSF team led by BSF DIG P S Dhiman sitting across a 10-member Pak Rangers team headed by Brigadier Amjad Hussain, sector commander of Chenab (Sialkot) sector.

During the meeting, the BSF strongly objected to (Pakistan’s) dastardly acts of sniping at its two soldiers on January 3 and 17 and further unprovoked firing and shelling targeting a number of Indian villages, innocent civilians and their properties.

The BSF also stated that India had earlier requested the Pakistanis to opt for a peace meet but the Pakistanis had denied for it. So the BSF were left with no other option than carrying out heavy rounds of motor shelling. That’s when the Pakistanis knelt down and begged for a peace meet, said the BSF in its statement.

Key points of the on-going ceasefire violation!

  • 13 people -seven civilians and six security personnel- were killed by Pakistan’s shelling along IB & LoC in the last 10 days.
  • The Indians forces have moved approximately 10,000 people living in the border to safer places in the past few days.
  • 8mm area weapons -simply called long range mortar shells- which can hit targets within 5 to 6 km being used by BSF, apart from smaller weapons.

The social media mocked at the Pakistani forces after the Indians soldiers forced them to plead!

  • After 9,000 rounds of BSF shelling, Pakistan Rangers seek peace meeting

The below tweet represents how the Pakistani soldiers felt after getting thrashed by the BSF!

  • Pakistan Army and ISI must bleed to maintain tranquillity in India and Afghanistan and we need to punish Pakistan for it deeds.


Hansika Raj


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