Here’s the 4 point Masterplan of Dr Subramanian Swamy!!! If implemented, Jammu & Kashmir will be “Terrorism Free”

Just a day before the state of Jammu & Kashmir witnessed two tragic incidents, an Army Jawan named Aurangzeb was abducted and subsequently killed by suspected Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists, and Rising Kashmir chief editor Shujaat Bukhari was murdered in cold blood along with two PSOs by suspected Laskhar-e-Taiba terrorists believed to be operating at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI.

This has once again raised the question on the announcement of unilateral ceasefire during holy Muslim month of “Ramzan” for a peaceful environment. Do terrorism has any religion? Do they believe in not attacking during Ramzaan. Has terrorists turned into angels during Ramzan? Has stone pelters stopped targetting the forces? No, terrorism has got nothing to do with any religion, any festival, anytime. They infact take the advantage of each and every opportunity to attack.

What happened in Kashmir is not new, It is happening there from quite long time. So how can a situation be handled in Jammu & Kashmir, how long this will continue, how the state can be freed from terrorism, how should the government function in the wake of such critical state.

The answers to all these questions are really important in taking out the state from the current tragic state. Here is the strategy by senior BJP leader and Member of Rajya Sabha, Subramanian Swamy that Government should ponder over to make the state terrorism free

  • The present state government should be dismissed immediately and a new governor must be appointed. The state should be brought under Governor’s rule. While reacting to the killings of Rising Kashmir Editor-in-Chief Shujaat Bukhari in Srinagar and an army man of 44 RR Aurangzeb in Pulwama on the eve of Eid the senior leader said “Situation in Kashmir is alarming. Ruling PDP is hand-in-glove with terrorists. It would be dangerous to allow it to remain at the helm of affairs in Jammu & Kashmir. I have been saying since long that Jammu & Kashmir be brought under the Governor’s rule. The present Governor should be changed. A military-minded Governor should be immediately appointed in the state.”
  • The Army should not be given orders by the Centre. They should only be directed by the Governor of the state.
  • The ceasefire should not have been announced. The decision to ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan was wrong because the terrorists only understand one language and that is the language of bullets.
  • The whole state should be brought under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). The security forces should be ordered to shoot the terrorists on spot. Without criticizing the Narendra Modi Government’s policy towards the scourge of terror in the state, Swamy said that “Israel has mastered the art of tackling terrorists and now it is time for India to follow the same path and apply Israeli model and that the army must be given the power to shoot terrorists, as they only understand the language of the bullet”. If we want to end the terrorism we have to put our footsteps in the same place as Israel otherwise whatever is happening in Kashmir since long will continue to happen like this only if we do not revert our policies.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government should look into the suggestions provided by senior leader and should take it into consideration to make the state terrorism free

Source : ZeeNews

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