Here’s the Masterplan of Dr Subramanian Swamy to turn the tide in favour of BJP! If implemented, India will be “Opposition Mukt”

Yesterday the results of 4 Lok Sabha seats and 11 assembly seats were declared. BJP managed to retain only two LokSabha seats,  Palghar in Maharashtra and Nagaland won by its alliance partner Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) .BJP lost the Bandara Gondiyan in Maharashtra along with the most hyped Kairana in UttarPradesh. In the tally of Rajya Sabha seats BJP managed to retain only one seat Tharali in Uttarakhand.

Many leaders voiced their opinions on bypolls results including BJP Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy. Dr Swamy said this is a huge setback for BJP and this all happened due to excessive pride of BJP. He further said that the party has enough infrastructure to reverse the trend and the party should stop rewarding sycophancy and instead should bank upon other capable decision makers in the party who are loved by people

He also further advised that to reverse the mood of nation towards BJP, the party has to act upon the construction of Ram Mandir. In the Winter Session party must pass a Bill to allot Government  Of India acquired land as per PV Narsimah Rao government affidavit to Supreme Court to a Ram Temple Trust and also has to send all the corrupts like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and P Chidambaram & family to the jail. He stressed on the point that the government has to release the documents related to the cases of all of them so that their cases can be fast tracked.

Some of the voters are angry with the party due to following promises not being fulfilled.The party can pay attention to some of these suggestions and speed up the work in all matters. It should stop peace talks with separatists and give army a free hand for operations,It should start working toward abolition of Article 370. It should help those displaced Kashmiri Pandits to reach  back to their homeland.

Although even after the defeat one thing that is noticeable is that its not the popularity of BJP that is decreasing and the alliances are threat to BJP but in actual the voter percentage turned for voting has been decreased in some areas which is effecting the results. In Kairana in 2014 the voting percentage i.e the number of people who turned to vote were 73.1 % which has decreased to 52.6 % this year.In 2014 the total vote count of BJP was 565909 and the combined vote count of (RLD +SP+ BSP)  was 532201 while this year the total count of BJP is 436564 and the combined vote count of (RLD +SP+ BSP)  is 481182.Due to difference of 20.5 % in voting BJP has lost the polls because of people not coming out for voting. It’s not that the mood of nation is not in favour of BJP . In the recently concluded West Bengal Panchayat elections also, the BJP emerged as the second largest winner but Congress and the communist party that ruled West Bengal for three decades had totally vanished.

So there is a need for BJP to concentrate more and the party should pay heed to the advice of Dr Subramanian Swamy and should start strategising in order to make things work again. And people need to have some patience and should analyse and compare the work of Modi Government with the previous governments and should trust the government and provide them more time instead of only stressing on what is not done.

Source : RepublicWorld