Here’s how Twitterati are bashing today’s verdict on 2G scam! Yes, it does look like we’ve lost faith on the judiciary

Rs. 1,73,329 crores, 122 telecom service provides, 7 years, a handful of accused, one corrupt government backing the entire scandal and today the verdict. The 2G Spectrum scam set the country on a roll 7 years ago, and even after the judgement has been delivered by the court, the ball hasn’t stopped rolling. The accused individuals were acquitted by the court because the prosecution could not present the case properly and the witnesses did not own up to their own claims.

It is not rocket science that the witnesses and the proceedings have been tampered with, which has led to the obvious decision turn into a manipulated judgement setting the criminals free. Well, thankfully we have our right to freedom of expression that allows us to confidently put our opinions forth, and Twitterati have taken it upon themselves to counter the ‘justice prevails’ claims. Here are a couple of tweets that highlighted the wrong thing that happened today and the country has to endure for wonder how long!

1. One of the primary conclusions of Hon’ble Judge Saini in the #2GScamVerdict, basis which he has discharged Raja, seems highly doubtful and in direct contravention of SC finding. This is the crux of the case and CBI court seems to be ruling against SC judgement? – Akhilesh Mishra

In 2012, the Supreme Court had cancelled the licenses of 122 telecom service providers on the grounds of obtaining false licenses from A Raja. The current judgement passed by special court ridicules the previous judgement, though does not overshadow it. How is it acceptable that there were indeed 122 firms that obtained scandalous licenses, yet there was none who granted it?!
2. #2GScamVerdict The real winner is the Congress nurtured ecosystem. And, even after 3years of NDA rule they are alive and kicking. That is what BJP and @narendramodi should be worried and wary about. #2GVerdict – Sandip Ghose

This man points out what the entire nation wants to say. Yes, the scam was led by the Congress government, it was nurtured by the same and continues to be backed by the same old party. Period.

3. #2GScamVerdict No one killed Jessica, Arushi or black deer
No one is involved in any scam. The courts are just to employ the lawyers and Judges. – Ritu


Yeah, it’s just a world where we all accuse each other and see how they can come out clean.

4. Without any evidence, Nationalists like Col. Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya, were in jail for 8 yrs. But people under whom a Scam of 2.5 lakh Crore occurred, go Scot free in just 7 years. Are Indian Courts Serving the nation or serving the Scamsters & Anti-Nationals ? – Rajan V M

Maybe if the accused were some common people who had done nothing more than stealing bread, they’d be behind the bars now. Here, we’re talking 1,73,329 crores!

5. CBI is going to Appeal against this #2GScamVerdict – Useless guys should have done a better job in the first place – Suresh N

Ouch, that must hurt. Can’t help it though, the truth always hurts!

6. Tragedy of India-People who robbed the country of Trillions of Rupees are roaming free with a cocky smile while a Common Man who merely put his foot on #ZairaWasim’s armrest inadvertently is being treated like a seasoned Gangster Law is certainly Blind – Jagrati Shukla

Maybe the opposition must have gone live on Instagram with tears in its eyes about how India has lost hundreds of crores from its treasury. Then they’d have all responded the similar way… or CBI must hire the likes of Zaira Wasim!

7. Now Dawood Ibrahim would be thinking to return India . #2GScamVerdict – MD Asif Khan

Perfect! Congress has probably already made arrangements to acquit him as well. Not to mention Vijay Mallya, who’s probably just waiting for the right time!

8. These concludes that the more bigger crime we do, the smaller is the punishment! Indian Judiciary – Ayush Agarwal

And if your crime is the second largest scam in India, you have no punishment; as seen today.

9. What’s Wrong With People?If Blackbuck Can Shoot Itself, Jessica Lal, Aarushi-Hemraj Can Commit Suicide, Driverless Car Can Runover People Sleeping On Footpath Why Can’t We Lose Rs 1760000000000 Without Any Loot & Scam. Kudos To Indian Judiciary!

There we go, sir Jadeja.

10. Rahul Gandhi isn’t worried after losing Gujarat and Himachal Elections. Indian Judiciary has still more failures in their name compared to him.

At least Pappu has something to gain from all this ridiculousness!

Yes, the people have lost faith in the Indian judiciary yet again. When the protectors of the law act in ways that makes it look smaller in the eyes of common people, the system fails miserably. The condition today is such that corrupt people have more faith on the system than truthful ones. For now, all we can do is hope that the verdict shall be questioned the right way, and truth shall be revealed.

Trisha Jay


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