Here’s why BJP compared Rahul Gandhi with “Pirated Laptop” having only “fraud and fake words”

Launching a direct attack at the Dynasty’s shehzada, the Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi likened the Congress president to a “pirated laptop” having only “fraud and fake words”!

A short while ahead of the Lok sabha polls in the year 2019, the two major parties of India- The BJP and the Grand Old Party of India are gearing up for a tough fight having PM Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi as the PM contenders for the post of Prime Minister Of India. Though the result is well predicted by the citizens of the nation, Congress is campaigning with its contender with false hopes.

Adding to the series of attack, Naqvi also said that the “balloon” of a Grand alliance of opposition parties will burst before the 2019 general elections. On the other hand, the NDA will win the 2019 elections because of the work done under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, he said addressing the party’s Jharkhand unit office-bearers.

“As the frustrated opposition has come to know about it, they are showing off unity… But the balloon of “Mahagathbandhan” will burst before the Lok Sabha elections,” a party release quoted the Union minority affairs minister as saying. Naqvi compared AICC president Rahul Gandhi with “pirated laptop which has only fraud and fake words”.

This latest weapon of Congress that has popped up with the name of “Mahagathbandhan” is only with the pure purpose of not letting PM Modi get back on the seat of PM. As they are aware they will not be able to defeat PM Modi being a single party of Dynasty, this major strategy of combining with the rest of the parties has evolved. But this Mahagathbandhan of Oppositions, will not be able to effect the man who has gained this respect with his own determination.

Adding to the pride of our PM and his sincere service, seems to the visible to every eye throughout India. Naqvi said that the Prime Minister’s popularity is increasing and India’s honour has increased in the last 4.5 years.

PM Modi took the country’s reins when inflation was 11% and it is 4% now. This happened due to his skillful management, he claimed. Prices of grains and edible oil are under control, while there is no shortage of grains, pulses and onions, he said, adding farmers are getting fertilizers and diesel without standing in queues and petrol pumps are not dry.

Also answering the recent outrage of Congress over the Petrol Price Hike, he said that the price of petrol depends on International factors and efforts are on to control the prices. The investors have shown confidence in India and the country is among the fast-growing economies, as witnessed by all of us within these 4.5 years of time.

Source: Timesnow news

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