Here’s why Martyr Major Akshay Girish’s mother slammed Shah Faesal, the man who once made Rapistan comment

Who can forget Major Akshay Girish, the brave warrior who was martyred during the Nagrota terrorist attack in 2016? Months ago the Indian, who have a weak a memory, remembered this martyr when his 5-year-old daughter Naina Akshay had posted a message on social media where she spoke about the important role the Indian Army plays in the lives of every citizen. The 5-year-old Naina had said months ago that “The Army is to make us love. The Army is to fight with bad uncles”.

Now, martyr, Major Akshay Girish is once again in news after his mother Meghana Girish mocked Shah Faesal, who was bureaucrat-turned-politician and chief of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM). Shah Faesal had tweeted that “I am turning 36 tomorrow. Not all youth in Kashmir get this privilege”.

He was the same man who had made the “Rapisthan” comment, that got support of Congress leaders. This time, Major Akshay’s mother mocked and slammed his comment on Kashmir stating “My son was way younger than you and many of our soldiers much younger than him. They gave their lives to protect our citizens in J&K. Contribute to spreading peace and patriotism if you can. Happy birthday. Stay blessed”.

This was a much needed rap on people like Shah Faesal and India salutes Meghna Girish for this. At one end, Shah Faesal and his likes want to end the Kashmir problem, but at other end they don’t want any kind of tough actions against Pakistan and anti-national elements in Kashmir. How’s this possible?

Her son, Major Akshay, was leading a quick reaction team (QRT) at about 6.15 am in Nagrota on November 30, 2016, to fight three terrorists who had disguised in police uniforms. Major Akshay, who was an officer in the 51 Engineer Regiment made the supreme sacrifice during this battle.