Here’s why the then Gujarat CM Modi said “My Govt has done nothing for Muslims. It will also not do anything for Muslims”

Even after 5 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi governing India, the Congress party and their allies are alleging that the minorities are not safe under him. Even though there is not even single evidence to prove that PM Modi had suppressed the minorities, the media houses that are inclined towards Congress are still hell-bent to portray PM Modi as anti-Muslims.

Now a recent interview of PM Modi is doing a lot of buzz where he said “My government has done nothing for Muslims. And it will also not do anything for Muslims”. PM Modi made this statement when he was the Gujarat Chief Minister as a response to the Sachar Committee that was sent during Manmohan Singh’s UPA government.

During an interview with ABP News which was held last week, PM Modi revealed about this interesting statement that he had made about a decade ago. In the interview the anchor Rubika Liyaquat asked the Prime Minister “Modiji, why Indian Muslims are not able to trust BJP? What is Narendra Modi’s`Rishta’ (relationship) with India’s Muslims?”.

To this question, PM Modi replied “I would tell you of an experience. Manmohan Singh’s government had made a Sachar committee. It came to Gujarat. I was the Chief Minister. They asked: Modiji what did your government do for Indian Muslims? I said: My government has done nothing for Muslims. And it will also not do anything for Muslims. But my government has also not done anything for Hindus. It would also not do anything for Hindus. My state government works for every resident of Gujarat. And it will do work for all residents of Gujarat”.

PM Modi continued saying “Today when I say there would be no Indian who wouldn’t have a house of brick and mortar by 2022; when I say I have given electricity to each house, then I don’t look at what’s the demography. It’s for everyone”.

India is really lucky and blessed to have a Prime Minister who works for each and every Indian and not on behalf of a particular community. During the past Congress governments, schemes were launched with aims of benefiting certain communities.

When Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India, he had said “We will have to devise innovative plans to ensure that minorities, particularly the Muslim minority, are empowered to share equitably the fruits of development. These must have the first claim on resources”.