Here’s why the United States said It’s time for everyone to support Prime Minister Modi

With every passing day, India is emerging strong under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The world is slowly realizing the true potential of India. Now, India has reached such a dominating position that even the United States is not ready to go against India.

This we had seen in certain international affairs for example US didn’t wanted India to buy defence materials from Russia. It even threatened to impose sanctions on our nation, but the iron fist of PM Modi finally forced the Trump administration to retract from their earlier statement.

Now another such incident has taken place where the United States has asked the terrorist nation Pakistan to support PM Modi. Giving a strong message to Pakistan, the US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis on 3rd December while welcoming Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for talks said “We’re looking for every responsible nation to support peace in the sub-continent and across this war in Afghanistan that’s gone on now for 40 years”.

The US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis added “It’s time for everyone to get on board, support the United Nations; support Prime Minister Modi’s, (Afghan) President (Ashraf) Ghani and all those who are trying to maintain peace and make for a better world here. We are on that track. It is diplomatically led as it should be, and we’ll do our best to protect the Afghan people”.

Even some of the Indians including the Congress party leaders are praising the Pakistan PM while bashing PM Modi. But this statement of United States has caused embarrassment to the Congress party and their allies.

Earlier, while referring to the India-US trade deal negotiations, US President Donald Trump said “We’re trying very hard to make better trade deals with India. But, they’re very good traders. They’re very good negotiators. You would say right. The best. So we’re working. And it’s moving along”.

This shows that India is safe and secure under PM Modi’s governance.


Source: Republic World

Hansika Raj