Here’s why this Muslim film director dumped communism and got attracted towards RSS

I was a comrade but after knowing RSS, I got transformed

When compared to CPI (M)’s DYFI, the Sangh Parivar’s Seva Bharati worked relentlessly to rescue the people in the flood inflicted Kerala. But Kerala’s media hesitated to show it to the people.

Even from the beginning the media didn’t show the good work of the Seva Bharathi. It might be a collection of funds to the flood inflicted people or the risky tasks done to rescue the people of Kerala, the media conspired in such a way that these good works of Seva Bharati would not reach the people. Yet the Sangh’s Seva Bharati has succeeded in winning the heart of these the Keralites.

The above were the words of the award winning Malayalam director Ali Akbar. And remember that he is now trolled for praising Seva Bharati for its good works. Below we have mentioned a statement given by him on why he dumped communism and fell in love with RSS and its works. Note that he is a staunch Muslim.

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) never does any work for selfish motives or publicity sake. When flood hit Kerala, I’ve seen numerous youths wearing khaki shorts involving themselves in relief work. Without any hesitation they jump into marshy land. I’ve even seen them swimming in the same water. Irrespective caste and religion, they have helped everyone.

When I praise the RSS, few say that I belong to BJP and that’s why I praise RSS. But remember one fact, I’m a staunch Muslim, no, three years ago I was a communist. Three years after a riot that occurred in Punthanoor, I came to know the real face of RSS.

The place where I lived was a Muslim dominated region. Upon that it had high amount of RSS hating comrades. At the time when riots increased, the RSS Swayamsevaks entered the region. They came to my place and surrounded me. I was frightened by this.

A comrade, no, a hard core Muslim was surrounded by these and I knew what it meant. But my belief was toppled by them.

With love, they held my hand and asked me to come to a safer place. I felt ashamed of my thinking. I went along with them. They took me to Nasthamangala. What was weird was that they still didn’t know that I was a communist. But later they came to know my reality yet there was no change in their expressions.

None, not even a child swayamsevak stared at me after knowing that I was a communist. I melted down because I’ve never heard any of the orgainsations treating a person like they did to me moments ago.

Later I was lucky enough to attend few of the Sangh’s programmes. But never I got a bad opinion about the Sangh. And during this time I got an opportunity to know more and more about Sangh. I was even astonished to see that there was no field which was untouched by the Sangh.

What is even more surprising is that in many of the programs organised by RSS, there won’t even be their own banners. For example “Sangh Sakshama” program is run by RSS. This is run exclusively for blind kids. Even orphanage is run by the Sangh throughout the nation. But many doesn’t know about it. Its because Sangh does all the works without any publicity and its done systematically.

Ali Akbar