Hey, Barkha Dutt, calling Durga as Sexy is ‘Free Speech’? Abusing, insulting and trolling Hinduism by psdeuo Indians is the latest fashion

Ridiculousness has its limits. And so does the highly tolerant level of patience of Hindus.

India, the second highest populated country in the world has originally belonged to Hindus, there is no one on the planet who can counter that. In the name of secularism and tolerance, this holy land has allowed invaders to set up camps here and slowly turn them into territories. They conquered, suppressed the natives, converted Hindus and called their religion native to India. Well, that was allowed to happen too. Till date, India has withstood enough injustice in the name of secularism, hoping that someday religion will cease to evoke problems and will only be an individual choice. Well, sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

Tolerance is reasonable when other religions choose to co-exist with us, creating an environment of unity in diversity. But when the immigrants try to uproot the natives and establish themselves, tolerance goes in the drain. There have been plenty of examples where Hindus were demanded to make compromises even when things went against their will; and we have. They called it ‘secularism’ when anti-Hindu statements and accusations were made openly.

For instance!!!

  • They called it freedom of speech and expression when Gowri Lankesh openly wrote against Hinduism.
  • They called it freedom of speech and expression when Barkha Dutt blabbered on and on about how Hinduism poses a threat to its own country.
  • They called it freedom of speech and expression when Kavitha Krishnan stated ‘Raksha Bandhan is a festival where a brother assassinates his sister’.
  • They called it freedom of speech and expression when Sagarika Ghosh termed Hindutva to be a political agenda!
  • They said art has no boundaries when a movie was called ‘Sexy Durga!’
  • They said art has no boundaries when a movie was made glorifying an Islamic invader and offended an age old community of brave soldiers in India.
  • They called it tolerance when the movie PK pointed fingers at the very basis of religion in India.
  • They ignored it when Rahul Gandhi said ‘Everyone who goes to temples goes to molest women’ and then took tours of temples himself for votes.
  • They termed it tolerance when Hindus were asked not to carry out the Ganapathi Visarjan because Eid celebrations would be disturbed. They also called it secularist when Hindus consistently withstood the abnormally loud speakers on top of the mosques that played prayers that were incomprehensible by the ongoing listeners.
  • They termed it reasonable when Holi was called a festival of molestation and asked to ban it because one or two instances came up that portrayed the mentality of sick people – and not the festival.
  • They yelled out justice for animals when age old practices such as Jallikattu, Rekla and Kambala were filed a petition against by PETA.
  • They called it rationalism when the authenticity of Ramayana and Mahabharata was questioned, and the beliefs of millions of Hindus were termed baseless.

Basically, all Hindu traditions, beliefs and practices have been interrogated in the name of rationalism, and restricted in the name of secularism. But when a journalist made a statement that was absolutely rightful but pointed a little finger at the immigrant religions, he was accused of offending the ‘minorities’, threatened to be killed, and an FIR was filed against him too. All that he said was, in regard to the movie title ‘Sexy Durga’,

“Why not name the movie Sexy Ayesha, Sexy Mary or Sexy Fathima?” Asks Journalist Rohit Sardana

If that was offensive to the so called tolerant and rationalists of India, then why are the Hindus silent? Many proudly and confidently stood by what Rohit Sardana said, and strongly opposed the responses he has received for it. It is high time we raise our voice against this nuisance.

Our silence has taken the radicals too far, and there is no choice for us but to stop them. If they can call offending our beliefs as ‘freedom of speech and expression’, well, then perhaps we can too. Maybe crossing lines will and speaking their tongue will teach them a lesson.


Trisha Jay


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