Hey Indians, Subramanian Swamy has reminded us of a crime committed by Rahul Gandhi 9 years ago! After knowing this, even the Hindus in Congress party will hate Rahul Gandhi to the core

By letting go Rahul Gandhi for whatever he says, Indians are committing the biggest mistake; like how Prithviraj Chauhan let off Muhammad of Ghor every time he attacked his kingdom. Rahul Gandhi’s campaigns are backfiring at the Congress but that’s a secondary thing.

Has Rahul Gandhi ever been punished for whatever he had said and did in the past? From north to south, from east to west, Rahul Gandhi has committed several serious crimes, like insulting the Indian Army. Now, when there is just 3 days to go for the Karnataka elections, Subramanian Swamy has reminded us one of the crimes committed by Rahul Gandhi 9 years ago and this shouldn’t be ignored.

The day when Rahul Gandhi said Hindus are deadlier than the terrorists!

In the year June 2009, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had hosted a lunch for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and this was attended by the self-proclaimed PM candidate for 2019 from the Congress party, Mr Rahul Gandhi. While discussing with a US envoy on Lashkar-e-Taiba’s activities in the region and immediate threat to India, Rahul Gandhi had said 

  • “Although there was evidence of some support for Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.

This shocking information was revealed by Wikileaks, the agency which was popular for exposing prominent personalities.

Wikileaks had exposed the Italian mentality of Rahul Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi by saying “During a chat in 2006 with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver, Rahul Gandhi’s mother and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi appeared warm, admirable and informed, far from her reserved public self, and “despite her carefully erected Indian persona, her basic Italian personality is clearly evident in her mannerisms, speech and interests”.

Even after knowing this, will the Hindus from Congress vote for Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi, a pseudo-secular, is a passionate abuser when it comes to Hindus. He had even called temple going Hindus as eve teaser. “Those who go to the temples, worship the goddess, refer to women as daughters and mothers, molest women in the bus”, this is the statement of Rahul Gandhi.

This statement had come at the time when the Hindus of this nation were not united. But since 2014, the unity of the Hindus is increasing at a steady phase. After PM Modi’s arrival, the suppressed Hindus took pride in calling themselves as Hindus.

Even the respect towards the ancient religion cum culture, grew at a speed that surprised everyone. Realizing this, the man who equated the Hindus with terrorists started calling himself as a Janeu-dhari Hindu even though he was spotted multiple times munching non-vegetarian food.

Now it is up to the Hindus of India irrespective of their political leanings; whether to embrace a man who shifts his religion at regular intervals or to support a man who proudly says he belongs to Hindu religion and yet respects other religions?

Hansika Raj