The hidden diaries of Tipu Sultan

India is a nation were Heroes are projected as Villain and Villains are honored. Now let us not go by what people say but let us go through the facts. Let us go through what historical documents say. There are so many evidence which can prove that the history books which we are using are majorly filled with doctored information. But no one is willing to admit the truth in public. Those who try to reveal or admit the truth are systematically targeted by a group which are funded to degrade India.

“I, Francois Ripaud, am old today, but I want to tell you the true story of Tipu Sultan.”

These are the words of Francois Ripaud who was born in saffre, northwestern France joined as a sailor, aged 11, on the Le palmier. After a certain period he settled in Mauritius were he married and had 2 kids. He had heard a lot about Tipu then so he wanted to have a voyage to Mangalore. So in 1797 he set on a voyage to meet Tipu Sultan and wanted to convince Tipu how he can help him in raising a large force in Mauritius and put it at Tipu’s disposal. Tipu had good terms with the French early in his career so he was well aware of the advantage of having good relations with other countries. So Tipu agreed to whatever Ripaud said about his plans.

On August 19, 1798 Ripaud came back to Mauritius and urged the youths to volunteer for an expedition to assist Tipu in his battle to suppress the British powers in South India. It must be noted that two months later Napoleon had invaded Egypt and had an ambition of creating a point where he can fight with the British along with India. So soon Mauritius Governor issued orders to collaborate and Ripaud was assisted with a shipload of French soldiers.

For Ripaud it was a long waited dream come true but the truth will be bitter when it was tried to suppress. Ripaud was devastated when he came to know the true face of Tipu. Ripaud had assumed that Tipu was a noble leader who respected the opinion of his people. But it was not the truth. It was stated in his dairy in Jan 14, 1799 that Ripaud was disturbed by the view from his fort where Brahmins were chopped daily and their followers were made to see it. Ripaud found it a cruel practice which was carried on by the soldiers on the instructions of Tipu. And all those who were executed were innocents who just meant their business. Even after witnessing such a barbaric crime, Ripaud was with him just for the benefit of France.

In Ripaud’s another dairy entry he states that huge number of Hindu men and women were hanged to death. Mothers were hanged along with their kids and men were brutally killed. In another barbaric act, Christian and Hindus were tied to the legs of elephants and it was made to move until their body was shattered to pieces. People were forced to get converted to Islam and were forced to marry men and woman of that religion. Many brave citizens opposed to get converted and marry but were killed brutally. Even the father Bartholomew, a famous Portuguese traveler, in his memoir, Voyage to East Indies had support the views of Ripaud.

Tipu Sultan had opted Kozhikode as a suitable place to foster the religion of his faith. Kozhikode had 7000 Brahmin families but soon 2000 families were perished. It once flourished with great cultural practice. But soon it was destroyed. All credit goes to Tipu Sultan. He didn’t even spare women and children. This was mentioned by Ripaud in one of his dairy notes. Is it due to this ‘brave’ quality of Tipu sultan, the Karnataka Government celebrates ‘Tipu Jayanti’.

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Ripaud was shocked and devastated by all these practices of Tipu, so soon he left to France from Seringapatnam where he was a captain in an excellent fighting ship. But he lost his arm due to a cannon ball on Feb 23, 1814. He expired the same evening. Ripaud was such a brave man that even his staunch enemy, the British, gave him a 21 cannon salute to this brave captain who once was Tipu’s great admirer.

Now that the facts are presented it is up to us. We are intelligent citizens of a largest democracy. If we don’t believe this article then let us go through the diary notes of Francois Ripaud. Let us examine it with all the resources available. But with only one intension that the truth must be unearthed.

Till when we are going to believe the doctored history?

– Rajat Bhandary**