The hidden relation of NDTV-Congress-Bureaucracy which lead to massive loot and corruption!

Media in today’s world has turned to be a more threat to society. The media which considered itself to be the forth pillar of democracy has made more harm than good to the society.

Last week, we saw an episode on NDTV where Nidhi Razdan and Sambit Patra had a verbal spat in a debate and Nidhi Razdan was seen shouting on top of her voice. If we remember correctly, Nidhi Razdan had a piece of paper in her hand from which she read 2 lines and started screaming on BJP government. Sambit Patra kept asking her to read the next following lines which she conveniently refused and instead jumped the gun to put the blame on BJP government.

When Samit Patra countered her asking if she reads only those lines which is convenient for her debate and paint everyone with the same brush, she lost patience and asked Sambit Patra to get out of the show. Sambit Patra was firm with his argument and said “when you have called me on your show express my views allow me to do so, just because I do not agree with your views you want me to walk out of the show, which I will not. I will finish what I have to say.”

Nidhi Razdan who could not handle the situation kept saying, “This is my channel I will speak what I want and I will read what I want.” She then immediately took a break. But once she was back, Sambit Patra was not there in the show, obviously she would have asked bouncers to send me out forcibly.

This incident will only show how the media in the name of freedom of speech has turned out to be a GOONDA workshop. Nidhi Razdan wanted to desperately enact a Arnab Goswami who is well known for throwing out panelists from his shows. But what she missed is, Arnab Goswami doesn’t throw people if they counter him, but only throws out those people who disrespects Army men or Nation or abuses someone on the show.

This video was widely shared on all social media platforms and many Congress supporters were happy to see the GOONDA behaviour of Nidhi Razdan. The Karnataka Congress government media advisor posted the video and proudly said that she has displayed the power of journalism. But this man has probably forgotten it was their own Congress government which wanted to start a ‘media watch committee’ to take control of all media agency. later they were slammed left and right by all journalists which made the government drop the plan.

Now, this NDTV has started calling the CBI raid on chair person Prannoy Roy witch hunt by central government. It is time to remind these people their history where they have looted thousands of crores.

NDTV which started in the year 1998, had very close relations with all Congress party members and even with DD channel. James Prannoy Roy started a program called The World this week, which became quite famous in short time. But the maximum publicity for this program was given by R Basu, he facilitated NDTV to get all advertisements from different companies. Basu was none other than the Director of the DD channel. There were many corruption charged against this man which made him quit the channel and shift to Star TV. But Prannoy Roy continued his mis deeds with DD along with the new director Bhaskar Ghose. Bhaskar Ghose is none other than the father of Sagarikar Ghose. Sagarika is also the wife of Rajdeep Sardesai who is now speaking against the CBI raids (Any surprise?).

These three people had worked hand in glove in every deals. The 1998 financial details of the Dooradarshan showed that there was over 5-6 crores loss to the company and it was found that the loss was caused deliberately. The data indicated that 3.52 crore loss was due few dealing with Prannoy Roy, after which the CBI registered a case against him.

Prannoy Roy later became close to P Chidambaram, from this point the NDTV turned out to be a full fledged Congress channel. When the media giant Murdoch expressed his views to start a channel in India, P Chidmbaram made sure that the dealing with Murdoch was done with no other channel other than NDTV. So the dealing was finalized with P Chidambaram playing crucial role. And this dealing took place in the house of the then Prime Minister I K Gujral!

Prannoy Roy and his wife started RRPR company to which crores of loan money was granted by ICICI bank without any surety or papers. This dealing was done only based on trust of P Chidambaram and Prannoy Roy. All the money was then transferred into their personal accounts claiming that they got 0 percent interest loans for RRPR company. So this way they escaped all Income tax procedures. Similarly they started another company called VPCl and again got crores of loans and transferred all the money to their personal accounts. (Same procedure as Mallya, Karti Chidambarama and Robert Vadra).

Gradually they got involved in every corrupt dealing along with P Chidambaram. They insulated themselves within the lutyens Delhi and became resistant to all investigations. Since Congress government was too close to Prannoy Roy, no charges were taken seriously. But all their corrupt practices got accumulated in the documents of IT and ED offices. The ICIC 48 crore cheating case, 2G scam involvement, Neera Radia tapes, Rs 5500 crore fraud case and massive money laundering acts were finally exposed by S K Srivatsav, in the Income tax department.

S K Srivatsav and Madhu Kishwar were constantly threatened, abused and defamation cases were filed for exposing NDTV and Prannoy Roy. Sri Iyer and Subramanian Swamy later took up the cases and made complete disclosure of the NDTV frauds and their connection with Congress and P Chidambaram in looting thousands of crores from government through various deals.

This channel now dares to call vendetta politics after the CBI raided their house. The viewership of NDTV has sunk to all time low and because of which their sister channel NDTV Profits was shut down couple days back. The channel is running only because of their fraudulent money and contacts with powerful people.

Source: Rohith CharkaTirtha for Vishwavani


Aishwarya S