To loot the billions of worth of hidden jewels of this Mauryan king, the British used cannons and even the Mughuls tried their hand! But these couldn’t even open the door of this cave, it can be opened only after learning this language

After gaining control over entire India, the rapacious eyes of the British fell on the enormousness amount of wealth hidden on the Son Bhandar caves, which is located at Rajgir, Bihar. Sending few soldiers to grab the jewels was not a feasible solution because the cave was as mysterious as the origin of the milky way galaxy.

So the British used their cannons and fired at the entrance wall of the cave but could achieve nothing other then blemishing the wall of the cave to some extent. After they failed with cannons, the British even tried their hand to open the door by cutting the door of the cave. But they didn’t know that the door of the cave, where billions of worth of jewels were hidden, would only open after the secret code, which is written on the wall, was decoded.

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The Magadha king Bimbisara had constructed this cave which is 2500 years ago, and you’ll be astonished to know that this was created after the “game of thrones” that broke out with his son, Ajatashatru. When a relative of Ajatashatru, the son of Bimbisara, provoked him by saying, if he doesn’t dethrone his father, he might end up donating all his wealth to a Jain Muni.

 Son Bhandar means store of gold




Devastated by the thought of losing all the wealth of his father, Ajatashatru jailed his own father and tortured him in the jail by ordering the soldiers not to give him food and make him starve. At this time, Ajatashatru’s mother decided to hide all the precious jewels in the cave.

It is said that she handed over the jewels to a monk and the monk with his mystical abilities closed the door of the caves with the help of mantras. Few claim that that the passage goes through Vaibhargiri mountain and reaches Saptaparni Caves on the other side of range.

The Mysterious language written on the walls can be seen in the below picture:

The claim of using a mantra to close the wall of the cave cannot be refuted because a mysterious language is still found in the wall of the cave. It is said that the language is encrypted in “Sankhlipi writing or shell script”. This language was found only in three places- India, Java and Borneo.

The chances of decoding this language also seems low, all thanks to the Islamic invader Bhakhtiyar Khilji, who destroyed the Nalanda University, where the books related to Sankhlipi was found. Once the Sankhlipi is decoded, then the path to the hidden jewels inside the cave is a cakes walk.

Even the Mughul invaders had tried to demolish the door and enter the cave where there are jewels in an entire room, but they failed. Even several scientists and experts throughout the world had tried to open the door. but f had to taste failure.

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What happened to Bimbisara?

While Bimbisara was spending his time in jail, Ajashratru’s new born son urinated and few drops of it fell on the plate on which Ajashratru was having his food. How could he get angry at his newborn son? Ajashratru removed the cloth on his shoulders and wiped the droplets of urine but didn’t change the plate, because of the love towards his son.

Meanwhile, he asked his mother, who was next to him, whether his father, Bimbisara, ever showed love and concern when he was a little kid. His mother narrated how Bimbisara pampered him and loved him when he was a little kid. Hearing this, Ajashratru started to repent over his act of jailing his father.

Soon he ran towards the prison with an axe to free his father who was tied with iron chains. But before he could express his love towards his father, a tragic had occurred. When Bimbisara saw his son approaching him with an axe, he thought that he is coming to kill him. Bimbisara said “so, he is coming to kill me. It is better that I end my life with my own hands”.

He immediately removed the Talaputa poison from his ring, and consumed it with closed eyes chanting “Kevli pannato Dhammam saranam pavajyami” (I seek refuge in the dharma taught by the kevlins or omniscient).

This is how Bimbisara ended up his life, who had ruled an empire for a period of 28 to 38 years but the Sinhalese chronicles states that he ruled for a period of 52 years. Devastated by the death of his father, Ajashratru moved from this place and changed his capital to Champa.


Hansika Raj