Hilarious!!! China calls India “a bad neighbour & a robber”; Watch how Chinese media made a racist remark on India

Here is a wake-up call to all the tolerant Indians. At one end, the Chinese Army is trying to claim Indian land as their own and now the Chinese media has made a racist comment on Indians.

The frustrated Chinese who are popular for serving noodles have squeezed all of their anger in this video, even though they have not been successful to drive Indian Army even an inch back from Doklam area. China’s official news agency, Xinhua has released a racist video and thus the Chinese proved that they are expert in either crossing the borders or the decency level.

The frustrated Chinese anchor can be seen mocking India by calling it a “bad neighbour” and a “robber”. The anchor went ahead and made a racist remark by doing pathetic impersonation of an Indian Sikh through fake beard, turban and accent.

Chinese also accused India of committing seven sins. The so called sins included like India doesn’t have basic manner to knock the door before entering their neighbour’s house (referring to Doklam conflict). It further insults saying haven’t Indian parents thought their kids not to break laws?

This cheap comment was done by a nation that is reputed for exporting cheap products worldwide that won’t last long.

The frustrated anchor also says that Bhutan is shocked to see Indian Army deployment in Doklam area. But the world knows the Bhutan has asked India’s help is pushing back the aggressive Chinese.

The turbaned character in the video mocks India’s reaction to the Chinese roadwork, which he likens to someone “building a path in his garden”.

The frustrated, racist video was part of a series called The Spark, an English-language segment recently launched by the Chinese state media outlet. The main purpose is to target foreign audience.

This racist video was posted on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which are blocked in China and inaccessible without the use of a virtual private network (VPN) to get past the country’s Great Firewall.

Did Kashmiri youths inspire the Chinese? Yes, this seems true as the Chinese soldiers have pelted stones at the Indian soldiers days ago.

The UK-based Sikh Press Association said it was “sad to see just how low Chinese media have stooped in using Sikh identity as a pawn in their state propaganda against India”.

This is the right time to boycott the Chinese products or else they will slowly acquire major shares in Indian markets and suppress the growth of Indian firms.

Watch what Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev had to say about the Chinese!!!


Nishika Ram