Hilarious!! Coward Chinese Soldiers ran away from an United Nation Mission, when Sudan’s Militia attacked them

China is World’s biggest economy which possesses one of the strongest Army, actually that’s what they claim. For last 2 months China has been confronting India on Doklam issue and has been sending repeated threats of Military actions against India. China has said this many a times that their Forces are supreme and can beat India anytime if they want.

However today we will be sharing news with you, which will expose the hollowness of so called Powerful Army of China. We have got news that Chinese troop who were working in Sudan and attached with the local United Nation’s mission there, ran away from their positions and abandoned their posts when local militia attacked them.

Initially it appeared to be fake news or a rumor, however this has been confirmed by Indian intelligence agencies as well. However this has also been confirmed that this news if of October 2016, when Chinese Army was serving in Sudan as a part of United Nation Peacekeeping force.

Chinese Army was ordered to be stayed in their base instead of protecting civilians during the outbreak of fighting. However in the event of a militia attack Chinese Army shown their irresponsible behavior and cowardice and abandoned the post and put the life of many civilians in jeopardy.

This news was rarely covered by International Media, however “The Guardian” did cover it under the headline- “UN peacekeepers refused to help as aid workers were raped in South Sudan – report”

The Guardian Report Link (https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/06/un-peacekeepers-refused-to-help-south-sudan-rebels-raped-aid-workers-report)

This report also mentioned that Chinese UN peacekeepers in the capital Juba abandoned their posts when tens of thousands of civilians were being attacked by a militant force in Sudan. It has also mentioned that Ethiopian troops came to help wounded civilians from another base and also tried to provide a security cover to locals, on the other hand the Chinese troops remained hidden in their shelters.

It is also mentioned that 2 Chinese soldiers were killed in this incident and 2 of the UN bases were severely hit in the action by the local Militia group. More than 300 people died in the fighting while rebel group managed to save the majority of their militants from casualties. A number of government soldiers from the SPLA were also killed.

Apart from that thousands of women were raped, many within the view of UN bases which was evacuated by the Chinese troops. International aid-workers were gang-raped and at least a dozen others were sexually assaulted during the attack.

Few reports also claimed that it was the Indian Army who saved the people from militants, but doesn’t mention the irresponsibility of Chinese troops. It was learnt that troops also secured the perimeter which was smashed by the IDPs and ensured the armed militiamen were weeded out.

Manish Sharma