HILARIOUS! Kejriwal Tries to Troll BJP MP on Twitter, But Humiliates Himself With Wrong Facts!

It’s now become a routine habit for Kejriwal to expose and shame himself on social media quoting wrong facts. This is not the first time Kejriwal has tweeted in haste and then got himself trolled by people.

Just few days back, Kejriwal in a desperate attempt to malign Modi and spread false news about demonetization tweeted a picture of thief who hanged himself fearing arrest as an innocent man who committed suicide as he could not get note exchanged in bank. But this fact was verified by the police and all news channels that the man who committed suicide was a rowdy charge sheeter and hanged himself when he was caught by villagers while he was trying to loot a bank. Kejriwal faced huge embarrassment after the real truth was out and the man who gave Kejriwal this fake news closed his twitter account.

Kejriwal Tweets Image of ‘Dead Thief’ as Innocent Who Died Standing in Queue….Gets Caught!

Now Kejriwal has again been caught tweeting with wrong facts and embarrassed himself. With a bad intention of spreading fake news, Kejriwal tried to troll BJP MP and minister Mahesh Sharma questioning him on his daughter’s wedding.

Kejriwal asked Mahesh Sharma “how are you getting your daughter married? whether you are paying people in cash or cheque, have you kept the expenses within 2.5 lakh? and how did you exchange old notes?”

But Kejriwal was so stupid, that he did not even realize that it was not Mahesh Sharma’s daughter wedding but his Son! Mahesh Sharma trolled him back royally tweeting…

“First get your facts correct. It is my son’s wedding. Yes, the entire payment is being made through the bank.”

Following his reply the entire twitter jumped to troll Kejriwal and made fun of his stupidity and ignorance!

Aishwarya S