Hilarious! Watch Pakistani media claims Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval responsible for OM Puri’s death!

It was a sad day for Bollywood after it heard the demise of actor Om Puri. Although Om Puri was caught in many controversies by making statement against Indian army and questioning the surgical strike, India had always stood with him. The entire India mourned the death of OM Puri.

But there is one country which had to make a fool of themselves and show the world they are biggest morons. Yes, it’s none other than Pakistan. Pakistan after the demise of Om Puri  made a stupid comment which made them look like fools. This country which was very fond of Om Puri because of his Anti-India stand and support to Pakistan after surgical strike, has now said that Narendra Modi and Ajit Doval were mainly responsible for the death of Om Puri.


Pakistani news anchor Aamir Liaquat has actually said on a news-show that Om Puri was murdered because he supported Pakistan. They have claimed that Om Puri wanted his son to adapt Islam religion and was ready to move to Pakistan, but his honest opinion back lashed in India and people made him apologize for his comments. The Pakistan channel goes to claim this incident had hurt Om Puri very much and made him go into depression.

The Pak news channel also claimed that Om Puri spoke truth and called Modi ‘ganda’ aadmi, and said that a Parliamentarian was backing his thoughts, after which he was attacked by Modi supporters. The news channel then plays a clip of Arvind Kejriwal and says he had supported Pakistan after surgical strikes.

The news channel says that they conducted investigation and found out that Ajit Doval was the main man responsible for Om Puri’s murder.

Don’t know whether it should be called funny or stupid, but the Pakistanis blaming Narendra Modi for Om Puri’s death is the most bizarre thing ever. There cannot be more idiotic comment than claiming that Ajit Doval planned the murder of Om Puri and Pakistan conducted an investigation.

Sometimes it looks like, there is no much difference between the Pakistanis and few Modi haters in India who desperately tried to save Pakistan after surgical strike and demonetization. The main goal of these people is to blame Narendra Modi even if their kids fail in exam.

It may be in India or Pakistan looks like all people belonging to Anti India lobby have taken training from same person, all have similar mindset and use same language.

God help Pakistan!

Aishwarya S