Is Hindu a Coward and Muslim a bully by nature?

There’s strong perception that Hindu is a coward by nature and Muslim is Bully by his strength. As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘It’s always the Muslims who stand first in their Strength and Unity.”

Well, these kind of statements of degrading Hinduism and it’s people affected entire land and how, Islamic Invaders attacked India to it’s root of Cultural beliefs and Holy land with no outer face. Inter revolts of Hindu Emperors led invaders into the land, but not the cowardice of Hindu emperors and there’s no such evidence that Any Hindu emperors accepted the defeat through his cowardice. It’s just a fact that Hindu’s ideology of seeing the world is different. It’s just their vision of tolerance and their lenience that did matter the most in Ancient India and Now.

It’s clear that Invaders defeated Hindus by harming their religious beliefs and intellectual method. And, no Hindu doubted their method of harming religion beliefs from it’s heart. There was no ‘Religious ‘ warfare in Hindus until Alberuni, who defined himself as scholar in Greek, Farsi and Arabic and an astronomer  who came along with Muslim Invader Muhammad Ghaznvi. He stayed in India to study the culture of Hinduism and it’s circumstances of religion beliefs and wrote twenty books regarding on the mindset of Hindus.

On the whole , there’s a very little disputing about theological topics among themselves. At the utmost, they fight iwth wo0rds, not with the swords. They will never hold swords on religion controversy.”

Yes, Culture of Hindus, the way they respected each other’s vision, the way they admitted their theories, the way they lived always led them to peace. Hindus never accepted the brutality of killing someone because of his different ideology, culture and the way of living. Hindus who fought for their rights meant no harm to the culture or lives of the people. Hindu kings who fought with each other never agreed to harm the people and their culture they used to perform.  Their women weren’t raped, their men not slaughtered, their children weren’t abducted a sex slaves. But, after Islamic invasion, brutality took place as a major thing all over the lands of Hindus on the name of ‘Allah’ and ‘Religion’.

When Muhammad Bin Kasim invaded India, a new way of living introduced according to Islam. But, Hindus were strong and they didn’t easily agree to follow other religion than them. When Islam Rulers started to force the conversion, Hindus raised and how the brutality started again as ‘Religion War’. It’s not the fact that Hindu’s weren’t fool to understand the ‘New Way’ of living, it’s just their ideology and religion beliefs they had been followed from Thousands of years after the birth of other religion beliefs.

Hindu’s believed in discussion of theological topics and they never intended to kill anyone for difference in opinions. Hindus never imposed their ideologies on others. But, when Invaders as ascended the throne, they invaded the circumstances of Hindu Religious beliefs too. A series of attack from outlanders of brutality and the patience of Hindu emperors inculcated the wrong assumption that ‘Hindu is a coward’.

When Hindus massacred in Pakisthan even after 1300 years of these new ideology ‘Religion warfare’, they couldn’t retort in India. It’s not that Hindu is a coward to hold the sword, but they believed that India is a secular country where there’s a respect for each other’s opinion and culture that keeps peace in society. It’s a fact that there’s a same respect for those who believes in God and for those who don’t. The difference is in their way of act and the ideologies they follow. It’s just that ideology of Islam that preached them to spread ‘True faith’ at any cost of livings and ‘The blood’.

Last Drop :

“Last night, terrorists attacked Pilgrims of Amarnath at Batengo, Ananthanag District on the basis of same ideology ‘RELIGION WARFARE’. Seven of them died and Eighteen severely wounded. Claimed that it’s a retaliation of terrorists with the reason of Three LTE men’s arrest.  And, the question is Does Hindu pilgrims stop visiting Amaranath? Does they change their beliefs? Does they sit home as a cowards?

And, the answer is ‘NO’”.

Till this day, those brutality, ideology of ‘true faith’, ideology to kill people on the name of Religion going on. And, in Islam, it preaches that ‘ Those who do not believe in Islam and it’s revelations shall be inherited to hell’.

Hindus believed in their Ideology that preaches ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – The world is one family’, where it teaches Humanity, ‘Athithi Devo Bhava – The guest is equivalent to God’, which preaches the Culture. From thousands of years, land of Hindus been preaching the lessons of ‘Non-violence’ to entire world. It’s not the sign of cowardice of Hindu people who blindly accepts, but to the certain tolerance of Hindus blood. After all these hundreds of invasion, terrorist’s attacks, conversions and those betrayals, Hindus survived. After all those brutalities on Hindu people, Hindus survived. Do you call it a ‘Cowardice’?

Those who’re still proceeding on the name of ‘religion warfare’ should remember one fact that to the certain, Hindu follows the first verse of ‘Ahimsa Paramo Dharmaha’, but when series of attacks questions their ego, they will follow the next verse that preaches ‘Dharma Himsa Thathiwa Cha’.

Hindus believed in Ancient Preaches that says :

Non-violence is the ultimate Dharma. So too, is violence in service of Dharma.”

Sushmitha Saptharshi