Are you a Hindu…either convert or DIE, Red brutality reaches peak in Kerala!

As has been going on for years now, yesterday the CPM attacked the house of RSS Mandal Karyavah in Pilikode, Thrikkarippur. In this vicious attack by CPM goons, an RSS karyakarta lost his life while others, including women, were injured.

Such killings also have the motivation of anti-Hinduism. At the time of India’s independence, the Hindu population in Kerala was over 90%;it stood at just 55% according to the census of 2011. The Muslim population in the state is over 26% & the Christian population above 18%. Even the High Court of the state once said that ‘the situation is alarming’ (with regards to the fall in Hindu population),& that the government should take the ‘corrective measures’. But nothing was done.

This rapid fall in Hindu population, & most surprisingly the very high Christian population, is due to unprecedented conversions of Hindus & even Muslims to Christianity by NGOs from abroad, primarily from the United States. This is what concerned the RSS, & so it decided to move to Kerala & prevent this from happening.

RSS has been active in the state for the last three years, & has been continuously appealing to the Hindus in the state to stay intact, & are offering all sorts of help to prevent conversions. This has prompted the CPM to target RSS workers & even go the extent of killing them.

The Communists hate Hindus, & their vote-banks are primarily the Christians & even Muslims. By attempting to stop conversion, the CPM felt their vote-bank was being threatened, & hence they now resort to violence.It isn’t easy being an RSS or BJP worker in places like Kerala, so hats off to all these karyakartas who risk their lives to further a much-needed ideology.

The saddening part is that Hindus haven’t risen for their own brethren. From 90% Hindus to 55% – if the trend continues Hindus will soon be a minority in the state. But other than the RSS, does the common Hindu really care about what’s happening? We all know about the KP genocide in Kashmir. The simple fact that lakhs of Hindus were murdered, raped, & harassed & thrown out of their homes in a Hindu-nation, & haven’t yet received justice goes to show how much we care about our fellow Hindus.

We always look to the media or politicians to raise their voice for us, but that is not the way to go. Imagine if Israel had simply wished for & requested other superpowers to stand for it while it allowed the surrounding neighbouring countries to turn their anti-Semitic feelings into violence…would Israel be what it is today?Its people stood for each other & that’s why Israel is a force to reckon with today, irrespective of its size.

No one else is going to be outraged for you. From Islamic invaders tothe British colonization, fromthe KP genocide to the deteriorating Hindu population in states like West Bengal, Assam & Kerala, one reason stands out – lack of Hindu unity. We need to get out of Twitter trends & social media activism (yes all this is important, but we can’t depend on this) & fight our battles on the ground, because we are not 1 million or even 10 million in number, we’re a staggering 1 billion! We have the strength, we just have never been truly united.

Vinayak Jain