Hindu Kanwariyas attacked by a mob for playing “devotional songs”; But the same “Kanwariyas” are forced to listen Azaan 5 times a day

Time and again, it has been proved that Hindus are being treated as second class citizens in India. In a recent incident, Kanwariyas (devotees of Lord Shiva) were attacked in Bareilly for playing spiritual songs during their yatra. It seems that in India secularism is just a one-way street. Sentiments of Muslims get hurt when they listen to songs on Hindu Gods and Goddess, but for every Hindu listening to Azan five times a day is a must. Abusing Hindu Gods and hurting religious sentiments of the Hindus has become a fashion in India. While a part of media always attacks the Hindus in lynching incidents, it remains mum when Muslims mob attacks Hindu pilgrims. The question is, “Do Hindus have to live in fear in their own country?”

Recently, Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh witnessed communal clashes, leaving many injured, when Muslims attacked a convoy of Kanwariyas for taking out their kanwar yatra and playing music through their area.

This area is in a village named Khailam falling under Aliganj police station. According to a report, Kanwariyas were returning to their homes after offering prayers to Lord Shiva, when Muslims of Khailam village objected to them passing through their area. It is reported that every year Kanwariyas pass through the same road.

It is reported that Kanwariyas were attacked with bricks and stones. Many of them were dragged and beaten up. Even women and children were not spared by the mob. More than 20 people were injured in the stone pelting incident.

The devotees of Shiva wait every year for the holy month of Shravan (Saavan). This is the month when Shiva devotees walk barefoot with pitchers of holy water from the Ganga carrying on their shoulders to worship Shivalings. This year, the yatra started on July 10.

Nishant Azad