Hindu priest attacked in Gujarat last night!!! Robert Vadra’s relative bashed Rahul Gandhi’s Congress for attacking a Hindu priest

Nobody attacked Archbishop when he sided with some parties!

Wah Rahul Gandhi Wah!!!

At one end, Rahul Gandhi hops from one temple to another and at another end, attack the temple priest. Gujarat witnessed hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi’s hypocrisy once again. This time, the victim of cheap politics was a Hindu temple priest of Swaminarayan sect.

Bhaktiprasad Swami of Junagadh district of Gujarat was the innocent priest who was attacked on Thursday night. The clash took place between the followers of Bhaktiprasad Swami and Congress followers. It was alleged that the scuffled was so aggressive that the priest was admitted to the hospital.

Look at the video, the attack is really deadly!!!

A Twitterati condemned this attack by calling “Desperate Congress resorting to abuse, violence and all types of anti-social activities”.

Due to the developmental works of the BJP towards all sections of the society, the priests had inclined towards Modi’s BJP.  This irked the Congress and that’s why they attacked the temple priest.

When Archbishop of Goa church canvassed against BJP, he was not attacked. But why a Hindu temple priest attacked? Says Congress leader Shehzad Poonawalla.

The man who had exposed that Rahul Gandhi rigged the Congress party election, once again slammed Rahul Gandhi’s Congress. He said “Nobody attacked Archbishop when he sided with some parties!Why must anyone attack Swaminarayan sect priest even if he lends support to some other party?? This violence is not good political culture!Congress must condemn it if it’s workers are truly involved! Must clarify ASAP”.

A Hardcore-Congress fan supported the attack on Temple Priest!!!

“Why r u taking side Of Swaminarayan? Isn’t it like u r acting like anti-congress worker ? Now stop making fool of people of india just go and join @BJP4India”, this was the shocking statement of a Congress supporter.

Another twitterati slammed him for making a communal statement by saying “He is not taking any side. He is just questioning physical attack on someone. Is it ok for you if i start kicking as* of maulana of a mosque near my home???”

Hansika Raj