If there was Hindu terror, then none would have dared to defame Hindus!!! An open letter to all those who commented on ‘Hindu terrorism’

Dear Mr. Hasan, and all those sharing the opinion regarding ‘terrorism within Hinduism’,

Here is an open letter for you all, from every Hindu who looks at things differently from yourself. It pains us to see that while the rest of the world seeks to follow our traditions, adopt our cultures and translates our holy scriptures, a handful of ‘Hindus’ themselves are on a mission to bring the religious image down. We do agree, that statements such as ‘Hindus are also terrorists’ are not completely false. While it is another perspective altogether that Hindu individuals might have become a part of terrorist organisations based on individual choice, the logic of ‘Hindu terrorism’ can probably be explained like this.

We could call it ‘Hindu terrorism’ when the merciless cow slaughterers fear the Hindus and think twice before they carry out their misdeeds in the open.

We could call it ‘Hindu terrorism’ when the tyrants within the borders of India flinch from standing up for the national anthem, yet rise in fear of Hindus who might otherwise attack.

We could call it ‘Hindu terrorism’ when the bullies who survive on Indian land on Indian food hail out Pakistani slogans but back out in fear of Hindus who might take to their own ways to defend their motherland.

We could call it ‘Hindu terrorism’ when the repellent aspect named ‘Love Jihad’ is forcefully abolished from the country by powerful Hindu activists.

We could call it ‘Hindu terrorism’ when agents from PFI-SDPI and the stone pelter of Kashmir fear the Hindus and back out in unison.

Looks like ‘Hindu terrorism’ is doing more good to the country after all, doesn’t it?

Dear, all those who term acts of determined opposition of wrongdoings as terrorism. It is a pity indeed that you do not comprehend the actual meaning of the term you uses to define a few outrageous Hindus. Perhaps you need a clearer picture of what terrorism actually looks like.

When the World Trade Centre was crashed into with a couple of hijacked planes in 2001, and thousands of people were killed within the blink of an eye that was terrorism.

When Taliban invaded Afghanistan and converted the peaceful land into a havoc blood and cries that was terrorism.

When countries like Iraq, Iran, Syria and Baluchistan struggle to even lead a normal life, struggle to shelter the lakhs of refugees, struggle to even define peace within the country that is terrorism.

When a country like Pakistan makes repeated failed efforts to mutilate the neighbouring nation through attacks like the Mumbai terror attack, Uri army base attack and consistent LoC violations, pulling the world in a whirlpool of misery, that is terrorism.

When the miserable country of Pakistan could not protect its own children from an attack at the Peshawar school, where little souls were shot dead causing unmatched agony that is terrorism.

When a little girl named MalalaYousufzai voiced the rights of women’s education in Pakistan, the answer she received in the form of bullets was terrorism.

Eight journalists were murdered in broad daylight for a Paris based news house published a cartoon depicting Paigambar. That, our comprehension challenged friends, was terrorism.

Which of that is happening in India? Most importantly, which of that is being caused by Hindus in Hindustan? The world seeks out, understands and translates the holy Bhagavad-Gita, adopts Hindu traditions and attires, practices Hindu ways of life by choice. Islam, on the other hand, is only heard to be imposed on people. Regardless, it is a plain fact that Hindus in India have open heartedly given out space for all religions to co-exist. Islam is practiced more safely in India than any other country in the world. The world admits that India is a great country with a great Hindu heritage. Yet, it is a shame that people like yourselves make statements that acts of protecting Hinduism is terrorism.

Think before you make statements of that sort. Comprehend that Hinduism has its roots in India; acts to protect them are not even close to terrorism. Do not call our fellow Hindus terrorists. You might have your set of perceptions and references, do not generalize them and produce extreme conclusions. Do not bring down the image of our glorious religion, and country.

Yours faithfully

A Hindu