Hindu Terrorism – A Diabolical Conspiracy by Christian Missionaries, Communists, Congress & Media: Conspiracy exposed

A 50 year old Christian Man Francis Pereira a native of Curchorem village in South Goa was arrested while he was trying to desecrate a Christian Cross at Curtorim village (nearly 20 kms from his residence) by Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Goa Police on 14th July 2017, the question arises “Why the news is not getting highlighted and suddenly there is a Secular Silence ??”  The Mainstream Media and Social Media was flooded with news of “Hindu Terrorism” propaganda and the anti-BJP & anti-Hindu political parties and so-called liberal seculars were shedding crocodile tears on one after the other desecration of more than 150 Christian Crosses in Goa in 15 Years. Francis accepted his crime of desecrating 12 Christian Crosses in the last 15 days.

There had always been an attempt to defame Hinduism in the same manner since years but the pace of the attempts grew higher in these 3 years of BJP Govt. Either you talk about a fake news of vandalizing a mosque in New Delhi OR a fake news of Jesus Christ’s photo on slippers OR in the form of goons and criminals turning into self declared Gau-Rakshaks killing people in the name of Hinduism.  All these incidents are conspired by these anti-BJP gang because they now realized that till the time this Govt. is in power their contrivance to enslave India will never be successful.

Now the question arises, who is behind all these? Did this Francis guy did this just for his own pleasure OR he is a scapegoat? He is not a patient of mental disorder and had been leading a healthy life in his Curchorem village. So on whose instruction these heinous acts are taking place and what is the motive behind this? We have recently noticed that since the Govt. had banned few NGOs and Missionaries like Bill Gates & Melinda Gates Foundation etc. who were directly and indirectly funding the churches for unethical and anti-national activities in tribal areas, including few madarsas involved in anti-national activities too , the pace of the incidents took a enormous speed but only leaving them exposed of their agenda of deception about indigenous culture of the state.

If you have noticed closely all the people who were involved with these NGOs or Missionaries had been extremely voiceful about Demonetisation, Gau-Rakshaks, fake Masjid vandalization, and even GST or any step taken by this Govt. OR they are part of Aman Ki Asha Team  !!!  Now the Communists and Congress are advising Govt. not to defend Chinese interference in Indian territory openly and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi secretly meeting Chinese Ambassador !!!

Question:    Why they are doing so ?

ANSWER:    They have the modus operandi to Break the Soul of the Nation – The Sanatana Hindu Culture, and without defaming The Hindu Culture – which binds the entire nation with different ethnicity and views together, they can never succeed. Once they are able to break the concept of “Unity in Diversity” which happens to be the core agenda of a “Hindu Rashtra”, their core agenda to enslave the biggest consumer market of 125 crores with the best brains in the world will be fulfilled.

Prof.  Rajiv Malhotra’s 5 years research result “Breaking India – Western Intervention in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines” AND  interview of Russian KGB Spy Yuri Bezmenov to BBC ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4&t=1219s ) where he confesses former Communist Russian KGB’s conspiracy and his job was deception , explains a lot of these conspiracies. One should refer to the Banned book “Reminiscences of the Nehru Age” by M.O.Mathai ( http://guruprasad.net/…/banned-in-india-reminiscences-of-n…/ ) to know more.

Sukanta Mahapatra