The only religion that said the earth has a lifespan of 4.32 billion years

It has been revealed time and again that Hinduism is an intense religion consisting of a number of aspects that we never made an attempt to understand. Comprehending the ideals of Hinduism will make an individual further interested and addicted to this set of ideologies that promote an ‘eternal duty’ of all beings for holistic good.

The word ‘Hindu’ itself originated from ‘Sindhu’, which was one of the rivers that cradled the human civilization in India. This infers that Hinduism is a religion associated with the beginning of civilization itself, and hence this religion is as old as people on earth. Other than the origin of the name, the origin of the religion itself is pretty much untraceable. Unlike many other religions, Hinduism does not believe in one founder or one ultimate source of power. There is a wide array of beliefs regarding its origin and sustenance, all of which can be accepted.

The religion and its legacies are an incredible collection of awe-inspiring facts. ‘The Creator’ according to Hinduism, Lord Bramha, outlives even our wildest imagination. All the ‘yugas’ combined cannot even get close to the lifespan predicted to be that of Lord Bramha. The Lord’s lifespan is some maths we cannot even do, for one day of his life is equal to a whopping 4.32 billion human years! All Yugas occur according to their timescale, and are divided into ‘Charanas’ that distinguish time phases in Bramha’s day. And it is said, earth will be destroyed each time at an interval of 4.32 billion years, for an apocalypse to lead into a renaissance. Surprisingly, this is also the scientifically estimated lifespan of the earth.

Also, legend states that Lord Vishnu took different forms in different time frames in order to serve the purpose of good over evil. An additional fact is also that his nine ‘avatars’ are in accordance to the phases of human evolution. In fact, human beings evolved into earth much later than many other species, and Hinduism has an explanation for that as well. It says that every soul undergoes 8.4 million incarnations, each time birthing in the form of a different species, before taking birth as a human! This can only infer that a soul lives longer than all other entities including Lord Bramha and the Sun as well, and each one’s soul is older than the Big Bang. The same fact also infers that Hinduism believes in a circular model of time, and not a linear one.

Hinduism not only answers questions related spirituality but also has a hold on scientific inquests as well. While it is already de-mystified how the religion demonstrates the theory of evolution, it is also said that the Rig Veda explains the theory of Big Bang and also the birth of Sun from void. Not to forget Ayurveda and Yoga, which are amongst the greatest gifts of Hindutva to the world of medicine and healthcare. Coming to Mathematics, Hinduism has contributed vastly by introducing zero and the decimal system, alongside few applications of Pythagoras theorem that can found in the scriptures.

It isn’t a wondrous thing that Hinduism had its hold over a number of other countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, and Bangladesh alongside India. The existence of Hindu temples that act as energy centres through extensive architectural shrewdness are spread around the world till date, conveying the ideals of Hinduism all around. For all the factors that keep a Hindu voluntarily attached to the religion, we can be sure that the religion shall sustain itself for centuries to come.



Ashwini Jain**