Hindus are the fourth largest beef consuming community: Hindustan Times. But reveals some shocking facts

Hindus may get ashamed to hear that they are the “4th largest beef consuming community”. Well, that was the sole intension of this graph published by “Hindustan Times”.

At the first glance on the graph, Hindus may estimate that out of 96.60 crores of Hindus 1.39% may amount to a 1.34 crore of Hindus consuming beef. Hindus will definitely feel ashamed that, “We condemn others for eating beef, but crores of Hindus consume beef. We advocate cow is our mother, but our own people consume it hugely”.

Let us critically analyse this graph, it is not on the total population of India. It includes only the people who consume beef.

There are 2.78 crores of Catholic in India. So let us assume that all of them consume beef. There is a wonderful term called mathematics. Let us also assume that we are applying mathematics of foreign origin or else seculars would say Arya Bhata’s mathematics is biased and Hindu leaning.

Let us apply it and cross multiply. We get around 10.48 crores of people who are included in this graph (On the assumption that 2.78 crore Catholics as per 2011 census consume beef. Sp catholics amount to 26.51 % in the graph). So Hindus consumption is only 14.50 lakhs or still less.

Out of 96.62 crores of Hindus only 14.50 lakhs consume beef. This is highly appreciable for Hindus because Hinduism is not an organised religion. And Hinduism is a religion where one can scold his own religion and go to heaven, where one can question even the existence of God. Hinduism is also a religion where it cannot question why Hindus are not following the religious practises strictly. If one questions then all the liberals, seculars, intellects will pounce on him and have a feast.

We can assume that those few lakhs who consume beef include people like Rahul Gandhi (His religion is still a ministry) and his blind followers.

Why Hindustan Times publish this graph by highlighting Hindus consumption rate?

Hindustan Times wanted Anti-Hindus to bark that even Gau rakshaks eat beef, even BJP members eat beef. To some extent these may have been successful as this picture would have got many shares.


What Hindus should analyse and why they should be happy?

Hindus are the majority in India but only 14.50 lakhs or lesser than that consume beef. Instead of focusing on that, Hindustan times highlighted something else. This is a best example of how media deviates from the truth. Now what is shocking in 14.50 lakhs of Hindus eating beef, nothing. We all know who among Hindus are favouring cow slaughter. Until when these medias will twist headlines and try to shame Hindus?

Why these dont reveal terrorists religion?

Media says Hindus consume beef, media say a topper is a Dalit but not Hindu, Media says Shah Rukh was detained by USA because he was a Muslim. Do they ever say that the terrorists caught or killed are from a particular religion? No, they never say it. Instead they bark that he was a son of poor headmaster, due to failed love he joined Hizbul or unemployed youth joined terrorist group to be a revolutionary entrepreneur who uplifts mankind and so on

Is 14.50 lakh really a matter of concern?

The stats is of 2011-12, it is evident that beef consumption rate by Hindus have come down to 1.39% from 1.79%. That is welcome news to the Hindu community. But sad part is that instead of focusing on reduction in beef consumption by Hindus, it highlighted that Hindus are the fourth largest beef consuming religion. Now let us see how many major religions are in India. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Sikhs are the major religions in India.

In the graph it is also clear that Muslims and Catholics also have reduced beef consumption. Muslims stand at 41.97% from its 43.22% on 2004-05. Catholics reduced to 26.5% from 36.14%.

What should have been the headline?

The media should have said that, “Minority community gradually quits beef consumption and respects Hindus sentiments”. But media don’t want to see religious harmony in India. So this is the India for you. Target Hindus to get trending news.

Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies to defame Hindus. 

Gomatha, save this country.

Vikrant Raj**