Hindus can’t chant ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and ring bells front of Lord Shiva!!! Because environment will be ruined

When its about Mosques, NGT told State Govts to inspect noise level of Mosques but When its about Temples, NGT directs their Shrine board

India is really an incredible nation where bursting crackers destroys the environment and following Hindu tradition is called as superstition. Today, once again Indians are spellbound by the decision given out by the National Green Tribunal (NGT).

Chanting Har Har Mahadev is illegal from today!!!

Devotees will no longer be allowed to chant mantras or shout ‘jaykaras’ in the Amarnath cave, the National Green Tribunal. Not just this, devotees cannot carry their mobiles or belongings beyond the last check post. With this decision, Hindus are once again shocked and baffled.

Let us have a look at few more orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the recent past!!!

  • From the last check post, the board said, a single line of people should be made for devotees to walk towards the cave.
  • NGT restricted the number of pilgrims to Vaishno Devi to 50,000 a day. Hindus welcomed this without any protest as they are tolerant.

Every Indian knows how pure is the Amarnath caves but the NGT as decided to play with Hindu sentiments. The cave is however covered with snow for the majority of the period in the year and when it suitable to visit, NGT comes out with such kind of orders.

But the Hindus didn’t resist themselves from reacting to this decision. They called this as an ant-Hindu decision.

“I will go to Amarnath Yatra & Chant “Bam Bam Bhole” “Har Har Mahadev”. I challenge NGT to stop me if you can”. This was how BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga reacted.

Why are Hindus always targeted? Asks a woman

“Playing loud azaans on speakers in public areas is okay for judiciary and NGT but we Hindus chanting our mantras & aartis at our most holiest place Amarnath is not okay? How is this justified? This is blatant discrimination”.

PopularTwitterati Anshul Saxena exposed the discrimination done towards Hindu very clearly!!!

Amarnath cave is a Hindu cave, don’t make it a graveyard!!!

NGT directs Amarnath Shrine board:
– There should be no chanting of ‘mantras’ or ‘jaykaras’ in Amarnath.
– There should be no ringing of bells.
Someone tell NGT that Amarnath cave is a Hindu shrine, its a Temple but NGT want an atmosphere of Graveyard.

“When its about Mosques, NGT told State Govts to inspect noise level of Mosques but When its about Temples, NGT directs their Shrine board”. Why attack only Hindu practises?

“Ghante wahi bajayenge, Mantras wahi gayenge. Jai Bholenath !!!” This was how he expressed his anger.

What is National Green Tribunal (NGT)?

National Green Tribunal Act, 2010 (NGT)[2] is an Act of the Parliament of India which enables creation of a special tribunal to handle the expeditious disposal of the cases pertaining to environmental issues.

We have placed significant material on record before the NGT (National Green Tribunal) which clearly shows the committee is biased. Our application in this regard has not yet been heard”. This was the statement made by  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on April 2017 after the NGT passed orders bashing the international level cultural event orgnanised at the Yamuna riverbed.


Ananya Sharma