Hindus celebrating Tipu Jayanti is like Jews celebrating Hitler Jayanti!!! Why Hindus are deeply hurt by Congress party?

When November 10th comes, the Hindu majority Karnataka state starts to boil within. The message is crystal clear that none of the Hindus want to celebrate the birth anniversary of Tipu Sultan who had butchered lakhs of Hindus in the past. But the Karnataka Congress government has sidelined the request of Hindus in a bid to appease Muslims.

Tipu and his army have destroyed over 8000 Hindu temples in Kerala, Mysore and Tamil Nadu. Even today, one can see the ruins of several temples in North Kerala.

This fanatic and a brute not just killed Hindus but even Christians. So the Christians are also protesting the Congress government aided Tipu Jayanti celebration in Karnataka.


Let us have a look at few excerpts from Tipu Sultan: As known in Kerala written by Ravi Varma!!!

“Tipu’s soldiers daily exposed the heads of many innocent Brahmins within sight from the fort for Zamorin and his Hindu followers to see. It is asserted that the Zamorin rather than witness such enormities and to avoid further killing of innocent Brahmins, chose to abandon the Palghat Fort”,

All sections of Hindu religion were exploited by Tipu!!!

“It was not only against the Brahmins who were thus put in a state of terror of forcible circumcision and conversion; but against all sections of Hindus. In August, 1788, a Raja of the Kshatriya family of Parappanad and also Trichera Thiruppad, a chieftain of Nilamboor, and many other Hindu nobles who had been carried away earlier to Coimbatore by Tipu Sultan, were forcibly circumcised and forced to cat beef. Nairs in desperation, under the circumstances, rose up against their Muslim oppressors under Tipu’s command in South Malabar and the Hindus of Coorg in the North also joined them”.

More than 30,000 Brahmins abandoned their homes to save their life!!!

“The revolt in the South Malabar was led by Ravi Varma of the Zamorin family. Though Tipu conferred on him a jaghire (vast are of tax-free land) mainly to appease him, the Zamorin prince, after promptly taking charge of the jaghire, continued his revolt against the Mysore power, more vigorously and with wider support. He soon moved to Calicut, his traditional area of influence and authority, for better co-ordination. Tipu sent a large Mysore army under the command of M. Lally and Mir Asrali Khan to chase and drive out the Zamorin prince from Calicut. However, during the above operations, Ravi Varma assisted not less than 30,000 Brahmins to flee the country and take refuge in Travancore”.

Why Hindus Kozhikode are less?

Kozhikode was then a centre of Brahmins. There were around 7000 Namboodiri houses of which more than 2000 houses were destroyed by Tipu Sultan in Kozhikode alone. Sultan did not spare even children and women. Menfolk escaped to forests and neighbouring principalities. Mappilas increased many fold (due to forcible conversion). During the military regime of Tipu Sultan, Hindus were forcibly circumcised and converted to Muhammadan faith. As a result of Tipu’s atrocities, strength of Nairs and Cheramars significantly diminished in number. Namboodiris also substantially decreased in number.

Several Hindus expressed their anger over the celebration of ‘Tipu Jayanti’ in Karnataka state. It is said that due to anti-Hindu decisions, Congress will face disastrous defeat in the upcoming assembly election in Karnataka.


Vimarsh Kumar


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