Hindus, don’t buy samosas from Church Father! Do you know the new trick used by Christian missionaries to convert the Hindus?

In what appears to be a case of attempted conversion, residents of a Agra slum were allegedly approached by a Christian group who asked them to embrace the religion in exchange for better education for their children, better homes, and a better lifestyle.

Christianity missionaries are taking advantage of poor and slum beings now. If not the educated ones, they are trying to target the underprivileged now.

Agra: Slum dwellers of Sector-4 Awas Vikas Colony in Jagdish Pura say they were approached by people who asked them to convert to Christianity in order to avail education for their children, houses and better lifestyle, police say matter being probed.

One of the residents, known only as Maya said, “They gave us samosas and told us to convert for the sake of our children’s education. A passerby saw this and intervened. As soon as this happened, the ‘father’ removed his robes and changed into plain-clothes.”

Maya added that the police was called soon after. She also questioned the samosas that were served. “Many, including my daughter, started feeling dizzy after consuming the samosa,” she added.

They came to us, gave us ‘samosa’ & told us to convert for children’s education. A man saw all of this & intervened. As soon as this happened ‘Father’ changed his clothes. Police was called. Many, including my daughter started feeling dizzy after consuming ‘samosa’: Maya, resident

Although an official complaint hasn’t been filed, the SP of Agra city said that a complaint had been filed by an organization. “We spoke to the missionary, who said they were creating awareness on Women’s Day. The other organization has, however, alleged that religious conversions were being done,” he said.

In December last year, A Catholic priest and 40 others were detained in Satna, Madhya Pradesh for alleged forced conversion, who also filed a complaint that their vehicles were set ablaze by Bajrang Dal workers.

Christian Missionary will make this country hell. Their hatred against Hinduism has no limit. They not only convert poor people by giving them money and clothes but also fill their mind with hatred for Hinduism and Hindus.

I am starting to think that RSS’s agenda is a real agenda after all. This is not the right way to preach your religion people.

If you take a look at the rural parts of Maharashtra and then you might realise, RSS is absolutely true when they talk about these things…things are even worse in southern states of India.

Many from the northern states of India have confronted these shrewd missionaries. No knowledge of history of their religion. They carry highly polluted mind plus they discriminate with local tribals. People who get converted should be barred from any government beneficiaries. Those missionaries should be in jail.

I insist the Government to take this issue of conversion of Hindus to other faiths seriously and take immediate action against it. It’s a very serious issue; no action against this can lead to further serious crimes in the country. This will one day lead to a civil war in the country, when Hindus will react to this menace of conversion.

Source: Republic World



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