Hindus Facing Religious Cleansing in Bangladesh, Renowned Researchers Express Anguish!

Even Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina may not deny that her country is facing violence triggered by radical Islamist militants involved in religious cleansing. Victims of this violence are atheists and bloggers, mostly Hindus. Now, the country’s renowned researcher Dr. Abul Barkat has certified the same in his new book.

Has Bangladesh forgotten its past?

The recent terrorist attack on Holey Cafe in Gulshan diplomatic zone has shown that Bangladesh’s youth is divided. Some of them are brave, like late Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, and hold humanity above religion. Others are those who love watching Zakir Naik’s videos and don’t mind working for terrorists to make their country Islamic.  They have turned into radical Islamist militants.

Has the country forgotten its past? They are becoming another Pakistan again. How can they forget that they were known as ‘East Pakistan.?’ Urdu speaking Muslims used to treat Bengali ones likes slaves.  How can they forget that their country won the Liberation War against Pakistan because of Hindus and India?

Radical Muslims may not like what Dr. Abul Barkat has pointed out to the world

Dr. Abul Barkat is one of Bangladesh’s well-known researchers and economists. He recently made it in the headlines because of his book-‘Political economy of reforming agriculture-land-water bodies in Bangladesh.’ While speaking during the book launch event at Dhaka University, he openly agreed to the fact that Hindus are leaving Bangladesh and life is becoming hell for those who decide to stay behind. The researcher also shared his opinion that after three decades, there won’t be any Hindus left in his country.

His book highlights detailed stats about the number of Hindus who left Bangladesh between 1964 and 2013. According to the stats published by the researcher, around 230,612 Hindus left Bangladesh every year during the discussed period.  Surprisingly, a greater number of Hindus started leaving the country since 1991.

Perhaps, it’s because of radical Islamists that the researcher preferred not to mention how Hindu families are targeted, and how their girls are raped, forced to convert.

Professor Ajoy Roy is another popular researcher who believes in Dr. Barkat’s findings. Roy does not hesitate to go one step further. He agrees that Pakistani regime, as well as the government formed after Liberation War has been targeting Hindus by grabbing their properties.

This is nothing new because every month we come across news stories about how Hindus are targeted in Bangladesh. Last month, more than 300 Hindus were injured, their properties were destroyed and temples were vandalized by radical Muslims in Bangladesh.

Researchers and activists believe that country’s prime minister is in favor of minorities and people from indigenous groups. However, people from the same party are involved in attacking minorities and grabbing their properties.

Hindus in Bangladesh do not enjoy love and support from libtards who control most part of the international media. Alarmed because of the religious cleansing, human rights activist and secretary of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Rana Dasgupta has recently urged the Modi Government to look into safety and security of Hindus.

They have urged PM Modi to talk to Dhaka about the same. People have high hopes from India’s Prime Minister and everyone feels that he would also take steps to welcome Bangladeshi Hindus in India.

By: Nitten Gokhaley