Hindus including women and children were dragged out of the temple in West Bengal and were beaten up by Bangladeshi Muslims!!! Your blood will boil if you know the reason

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”- said the father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi. This indeed does relate to a recent incident that took place on Saturday 4th of November, was unfortunate on part off Hindu’s in Kolkata.

It was at a temple near Sarbamangala ghat at Cossipore area of Kolkata. Local leaders of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad have assured support to the victims of the incident and analysed the case. FIR has been lodged against the mob at Cossipore police station.

As reported by some of eye witnesses present at a venue where the incident took place, a few of the local kids were fooling around and disturbing the devotees who were offering prayers at the temple. This made the devotees warn them and told not to disturb them as it was a sacred place. After which the kids ran away from the temple and returned back with a bunch of older men who then physically attacked the devotees; not showing mercy on women either, as a revenge of scolding the kids.

As the words of the priest, “It was MD kalam, a local Muslim from Jyothinagar who was heading the group for violence. I was scared and ran away in order to seek help from the local people around but when I returned back they were gone.” As reported by him they were huge in number around 15-20 of them he says accordingly as he witnessed.

Another report was of a woman whose son and daughter-in-law run a shop in the temple premises. “My daughter-in-law and son were dragged out of their shop and were beaten brutally. My son was bleeding. We will sell the shop and leave this place” says the frightened lady who had to helplessly watch her son bleed.

Sarbamangala temple is a famous temple at Cossipore area of Kolkata and is located nearby the Sarbamangala bathing ghat on the banks of Ganges. It is quite unfortunate on the part of purity of the temples that they do not remain sacred anymore.

Adding to the misery, the local or national mainstream media is putting together every bit of effort to blacklight this news so that it remains an unknown to many. Whereas, there has been increasing trend in communal violence in recent years in West Bengal. Communal clashes between two communities broke out at “Cooch Behar” district of West Bengal, which so happened that beef was thrown inside a local goddess Kali temple which led to the clash. This has been noted as the recent issue in West Bengal.

Cossipore and its nearby areas have quite an amount of Muslim population and among them are the illegal residing Bangladeshis. This has been a common problem of India in present times. Having these illegal residers can never lead to sustain peace in India.



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