Hindus and Muslims get united and remove the loudspeakers from the place of worship; True display of communal harmony

Today people hesitate to condemn a wrong doing of an individual or a community. Let me give an example, Sonu Nigam as everyone thought that he had “Freedom of expression” and said what he felt. But the seculars found it offensive and created a temporary unrest in the society.

But today we will talk of an incident which will make you say that India is a best place to live in. In a rare incident of communal harmony, people of both Hindu and Muslim community agreed to remove the loud speakers from their temples and mosques respectively. This happened in Tiriyadeen in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

The police officials said that there was rising tensions between both the communities about the loud speakers. The officials said that their jaw dropped when the elders of both the community gathered and decided to take off the loud speakers from their place of worship.

This village was in news over and again for regular communal violence. This was a headache for the police and the district administration. The clashes often ended with violence. Arrests were a regular business for the police.

Zakir Hussain, an elderly person of the village said that “Violence is against Islam. So we decided to remove the loud speakers in the holy month of Ramzan. Even the Hindu community removed the speakers from their temples. Now we live in peace”

Dinesh Singh of the same village said that “Often outsiders tried to add fuel in this issue which led to clashes among the two communities in this village. Attending police station was common for us. Later we decided to put an end to this. Members of both the community gathered and decided to carry out this noble task”

This is a burnol moment to all those who tried to have a feast on the clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Seculars, this is the new India for you. You better shift your profession.

At times we need to make slight alteration in our religious practices so that it won’t affect the health of the society. We need more and more of such noble decisions. When mutual understandings exist between religions, India is a better place to live in.

Jai Hind


Vikrant Raj