Hindus and Muslims unite against use of loudspeakers for 3 AM ‘Sehri’ call!

Sonu Nigam’s tweets regarding azaan created a huge controversy throughout the country. Most Muslims and some opportunistic political parties termed his tweets as ‘anti-Islam’. A Muslim cleric even announced a reward for that person who’d shave his head and parade him around on a donkey.

But here’s a news for all these people that will zip their mouths. In Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district, Hindus and Muslims have come together against the use of high volume loudspeakers during Ramzan meant to issue the wakeup call for ‘sehri’ at 3 AM daily.

They have approached the local administration to take steps to stop the use of loudspeakers installed at seven mosques. These residents of the Premnagar area say that the early morning ‘sehri’ call delivered through loudspeakers is disturbing their sleep and causing considerable trouble to heart patients.

The administration will now talk to the mosques and ask them to either take down the loudspeakers or mute them.

Bareilly’s deputy shahrqaziMaulana Shahabbudin Rizvi agreed with the complainants. He said that it was wrong to use loudspeakers persistently to wake up people for sehri and suggested that there should be just one wake-up call within permissible decibel levels. Not only that, but he also said that the practice of playing recorded wake-up calls by some clerics is against the spirit of Ramzan.

The religious ‘gundagardi’ – which was how Sonu Nigam described the forceful use of loudspeakers to play azaan – was on show in Premnagar as well. There were reports that one of the members of the seven Muslim families who had complained against the use of the loudspeaker was assaulted by some people.

This act is not only troubling locals, but it is even against Supreme Court guidelines. According to the guidelines, the use of loudspeakers is banned between 10 pm and 6 am. The apex court had also termed ‘peaceful sleep’ as a fundamental right under Article 21.

But the positive aspect is that people are rising above religion and keeping the fundamental rights of humans above everything else. India needs more of this.

Vinayak Jain