Why did Hindustan Times remove a 10 year old article about Islamic invasion by Rizwan Salim?

This story was originally published in the Hindustan Times in the year 2007, which was later removed due to fear of secular brigade attack on the new paper. A heart wrenching story was written by a Rizwan Salim who explained every detail about how India was completely destroyed since 11th century onwards, when the Islam invasion started in India. The then Congress government did not want Hindustan Times to publish this article since it would upset their vote banks.

Rizwan Salim, narrates the historical aspects of the real Hindustan and how gradually the most developed civilization lost its sheen and became slave in the hands of foreigners. We all well know that after the Islam invasion thousands of Hindu temples were destroyed in an attempt to imprint the Islam practice in India. Every history books would narrate the stories of the barbaric act of Islam invaders and their forcible implementation of Islamic rituals. But what we failed to recognize was how their invasion destroyed the historical evolution of the earth’s most mentally advanced civilization, an unimaginable rich society with most creative culture.

During the 8th century, India was regarded as the most advanced civilization and the richest place on earth in terms of wealth, culture, tradition, science, medicine, art, architecture, music and literature. Even during the tenth century, India was well known for its advanced form of Mathematics, scientific thinking and philosophy. Early medieval Hindus were regarded far more superior in knowledge compare to any ancient country like Chinese, Persians, Romans and the Byzantines.

It is said that the tradition of worshiping Shiva and Vishnu were far more synchronized with Nature and these people had created a society which was very much mentally evolved-joyous and prosperous than realized by the Jews, Christianity and Muslim monotheists. In fact India was one of the five most advanced civilizations in the world.

The art and architecture of the Hindu style is said to be one of rarest forms which involved various scientific application which were more advanced than what is being studied today. The sculptures created by the Greeks and Gothic of cathedrals in France were the only arts which were comparable to the Indian art and architecture. But the venom filled minds against the idol worship resulted in the destruction of some of the rarest art forms of the Indian history. Inspite of destroying thousands of temples, some of the most beautiful form of arts can be found in the temples of Varanasi and Mathura, Ujjain and Maheshwar, Jwalamukhi and Dwarka. The destruction of Hindu temples started from the early years of 8th century and continued until 1700 AD for almost a period of 1000 years. Every Islam ruler spent most of his time is destruction of the glorious history attacking temples and Hindu Kings and Queens. Mass slaughtering of innocent people, conversion was a routine protocol every Islam ruler followed.

The temples of Vijayanagar Empire, Marathas, Cholas, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh were attacked and destroyed to bits and pieces. In order to establish control over India and erase the glorious history of Hindus, the Islamic invaders built mosques and converted every Hindu temple into Mosques.

Rizawan Salim himself quotes that “I have seen stones and columns of Hindu temples incorporated into the architecture of several mosques, including the Jama Masjid and Ahmed Shah Masjid in Ahmedabad; the mosque in the Uparkot fort of Junagadh (Gujarat) and in Vidisha (near Bhopal); the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra right next to the famous dargah in Ajmer -­‐ and the currently controversial Bhojshala “mosque” in Dhar (near Indore).”

The Islam invaders not just destroyed the temples, but stopped the cultural and religious practices of Hindus. They stopped the intensification of the culture, but a break to spread of wisdom through arts, music, traditions and literature. They damaged the cultural pride of the Hindus, prevented the transmission of the ancient knowledge from one generation to next. They destroyed the Vedic scripts, ayurvedic techniques, literature which were preserved from centuries.

They created a situation where Hindus feared following their own culture. Hindus in fact suffered psychic damage. The Islam rulers snatched the enormous wealth from India and made Hindus beg for everything which in turn destroyed the prosperity of Hindustan.

One can see the marvelous carving in the Kailas Mandir of the Ellora caves which took nearly 200 years of hard work. The temple built by the Rashtrakuta kings gives proof of the ancient Hindus’ religious fervour. Not many people know that the descendants of those who build the Bhojpur and Thanjavur, Konark and Kailas, were the ones who invented mathematics and brain surgery, created mind body disciplines (yoga) of astonishing power, and built mighty empires. These proofs tell us that ancient Indians were very advanced than what we presumed Europeans to be!

Today if many people are fighting to build a temples in Ayodhya, the Gyanvapi mosque in Varanasi, and the Mathura idgah it is not because they want to fight a political battle but the struggle to reclaim the glorious culture which was destroyed a thousand year back.

The constant attack on Hindus from every ruler, every foreign invader and the communal title branded on Hindus by politicians have gradually made Hindus forget their own past and believe in the materialistic western ideas and practices which has only made them more weak and vulnerable in the real world.

Original article: Rizwan Salim


Aishwarya S