His grandfather let Bhagat Singh to get executed but he tried to save terrorist Yakub Memon; Meet the Congress Vice-presidential candidate

His Grandfather had let the ‘Misguided Patriots’ Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev get executed by British.  But Grandson went a step ahead and tried to save a terrorist responsible for the death of 257 innocent lives. I don’t know who is worse! Grandfather, who grudged the popularity of the revolutionary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and heaved a sigh of relief at his execution, or grandson who peddled Human Rights and Mercy for a deadly Terrorist ! Grandfather had turned a blind eye when the whole country was grief-struck with Bhagat Singh’s execution order and looking up to him to act! Grandson had tried to save a hardcore Terrorist when the whole country was celebrating the news of his execution order! Yes, we are talking about M K Gandhi and his grandson Gopal Krishna Gandhi! Congress has nominated Gopal Krishna Gandhi as their Vice-presidential candidate!

Congress has erred again with its habitual consistency. After nominating Meira Kumar as their Presidential Candidate, Congress has nominated Gopal Krishna Gandhi as their Vice-presidential candidate. If Meira Kumar is tarnished with embezzlements, Gopalkrishna Gandhi is a Terror Sympathizer! Day by day, Congress is slipping from worse to worst!

Just like Congress tried to peddle the lie of Meira Kumar being oppressed Dalit, it is propagating about Gopalkrishna Gandhi being the most eligible as he is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. The very survival of Congress has always depended on Dynasty Politics, fake or real! Since yesterday, Shiv Sena has registered it’s disapproval about the choice of Congress for their Vice-presidential candidate, Gopal Krishna Gandhi. BJP has supported Shiv Sena in their protest over the issue. Let’s check what they have to say about Gopal Krishna Gandhi.

Gopal Krishna Gandhi had tried hard to save Yakub Memon from hanging in July, 2015. Promoting Terror sympathizer is the Minority appeasement technique of Congress.  After all, we know how often terror gets associated with one particular religion. Supreme Court had found Yakub Memon guilty for 1993 Mumbai Bomb Blasts that killed 257 people. President Pranab Mukherjee had rejected Memon’s Mercy plea. But Gopal Krishna Gandhi, along with other Terror Sympathizers had tried with all his might to save Yakub from hanging. In July, 2015, a few days before Yakub’s hanging, Mr Gandhi had written a plea to the President to reconsider his earlier rejection to the Mercy petition.

Congress is debating about Mr Gandhi being against Capital punishment and not a Terror sympathizer. But actually, Mr Gandhi, in his letter had clearly written that he was not requesting mercy on Yakub just because he was personally against Capital punishment. He had mentioned ‘other’ merits of Yakub such as his surrender and his cooperation with the Police investigation. Congress is also debating that Mr Gandhi has aversion towards capital punishment as he shares Mahatma Gandhi’s blood.  This logic is nonsensical because Mahatma Gandhi never raised his voice against Capital punishment during British rule. With his influence on British establishment, he could have easily stopped the hanging of revolutionary freedom fighters, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Instead, he turned a blind eye calling them ‘misguided patriots’.  Now his grandson bleeds his heart for Terrorists hanging!

Apart from soft corner for terrorists, Mr Gandhi belongs to leftist ideology.  Just imagine such a man in a powerful position of a Vice-president! Leftists, Terrorists and paid media have a dangerous nexus that is hell-bent on breaking India from within. By nominating such a doubtful character for such a plum position, Congress has exhibited its bankruptcy and hunger for power.

As such, both the Congress candidates have filed nominations for the namesake. They know for sure that they are just scapegoats who will gain nothing at the end of the day, but will surely lose their reputation after their scrutiny on Social Media and Mainstream Media as Congress Candidates.  BJP, after its historical landslide win of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Assembly elections, has reached near the halfway mark for electing their Presidential and Vice-presidential candidate which is 5, 49,442 on its own. The slight shortage of 24, 552 votes can be comfortably covered by number of available alliances. So, BJP will soon elect its President and Vice-president, Ram Nath Kovind and Venkaiah Naidu respectively.


Jyothi Suparna Chincholi