Hit by 9 bullets all over the body while fighting terrorists, Chetan ‘Cheetah’ roars back to life

It is nothing less than a miracle ! Hit by 9 bullets all across his body including head and eye, CRPF Commandant Chetan Cheetah cheated death and has roared back to life. Today, after almost 2 months of treatment at the AIIMS Trauma centre, he was discharged. The team of doctors treating him called his recovery nothing less than a miracle. The doctors hailed the courage, strength and will-power shown by Cheetah during the two-month long intensive treatment which involved complicated surgeries.

Minister of state (Home) Kiren Rijiju went to AIIMS trauma centre to meet Chetan Cheetah and his family before discharge, and said that he was proud of the braveheart. Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh took the microblogging site twitter where he thanked the doctors of AIIMS who helped Chetan Cheetah in his recovery. He also expressed his wish to see ‘Cheetah back in action soon’.

On 14 February, while stationed in the valley, there was an input of two terrorists being holed up. A team of CRPF and army cordoned the area and took them on. Commandant Chetan Cheetah was leading the team from the front and came front in the line of fire. During the fierce gun battle, he received 9 bullet injuries all over his body. A bullet hit him in the head, while the other one pierced his right eye. He was also hit in abdomen, groin and limbs. He was immediately airlifted from Srinagar and brought to AIIMS trauma centre the very same day, after which a special team of AIIMS started his intensive treatment.

He was completely comatosed and unconscious, and had lost a huge amount of blood. The chances of his survival seemed to be very bleak but as it is rightly said, “Even death can be defeated if one is determined.” With his sheer determination and strong resolve, not only has he survived but is roaring again. All along this time, it was his wife Uma Singh who never lost hope and stood by his side. However, the vision in the right eye of Cheetah will not come back although his left eye , which also suffered splinter injury, is completely fine now.

When Cheetah was discharged from AIIMS today, he was welcomed with the chants of “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and “Chetan Cheetah Jindaabad” ! Look at this special welcome of Chetan Cheetah by the people who had gathered outside AIIMS.

Kshitij Mohan