Hizbul commander Sabraz Bhat was a coward in death, did not even fire a single bullet: Indian Army!

The media and the pseudo leftists are well known to depict terrorists and separatists as big heroes and brave hearts. But the fact is these people are real cowards and cannot even face a bullet in real life.

As they say, “before you want to hold a gun, learn to face the bullet,” these people should probably have the courage to face one bullet first because they call themselves Azadi fighters! This issue came up as the Indian Army released a press statement today after they hunted down the Hizbul commander Sabraz Ahmad Bhat saying “He was a coward in death.”

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It is more laughable to see this picture.

The Indian army which killed  Sabraz Bhat, the successor of Burhan Wani in the Tral area of Kashmir’s Pulwama district last Saturday released the video of his last moments in which he was seen to be hiding for nearly 10 hours in the house, without firing a single bullet at the troops. It is said, instead he started to text group of stone pelters requesting them to help him in diverting the army near the house.

But the late night operation did not bring him much help from stone pelters. The army surrounded the house and tried to establish contact with the terrorists, but they did not receive any response. The army then decided to smoke them out and pumped in petrol inside and set the house on fire. Immediately the two terrorists barged out of the house and started running away without even firing bullets, before they could even realise, the army open fire and within seconds they were dead.

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The Army sources told that Sabzar, was a Class 7 dropout, was a known womaniser and drug addict at the time of his joining the Hizbul Mujahidden two years back. He was not even trained in firing and combat tactics. The Indian army said that it was easy for the coward terrorists to fire with him mobile phones than by a Kalashnikov on his shoulder.

Aishwarya S