Horrible story!!! In order to carry out political meeting, Karnataka CM pressurized the hospital to delay the death announcement of RSS worker?

Hindus are targeted again and again in Karnataka. Our constitution says that everyone should be treated equally. But this is not followed in Karnataka because the culprit’s religion comes into consideration.

Recently, Sharath Madivala from Mangalore was killed by the Jihadi forced and this had shocked everyone. This is common in Karnataka, as around 2 dozen of Hindu organisation workers were killed in the CM Siddaramayya regime.

There is massive outrage against the Congress government throughout the state. After Sharath was attacked by the communal forces, Karnataka CM had visited Mangalore but didn’t even think it was necessary to visit the hospital were Sharath was lying.

Siddaramayya is the CM of Karnataka state and not of a particular religion. Let us ignore the fact that he didn’t visit Sharath Madivala who was critically wounded. But he and his Congress leader committed a heinous act which cannot be forgiven by any human.

Yes, due to the fatal attack of the Jihadi forces, Sharath died on July 7th 12:30 AM. But instead of condemning this, the Congress leaders pressurised the hospital authorities not to announce the death of the RSS worker Sharath Madivala. Finally the family came to know that their son had died after twenty hours of his actual death timing. By then the Karnataka CM had finished off his luxurious trip and left the city through plane.

Has humanity reached so low in Karnataka that a death is not announced so that it won’t create any political backlash? Congress party had organised a meeting and if the death was announced then it was sure that the meeting would be affected.

Parents dream to donate Sharath’s organs was shattered by Congress

Sharath’s parents had lost all hopes of his survival but still they had decided to donate his organs. But the announcement of death was delayed 20 hours due to the influence of Congress leaders, so the wish of donating the organs was also shattered. Even in their son’s death, the parents had decided to send a positive message but the Congress government didn’t give them an opportunity for that too.

Last year when CM Siddaramayya’s son died, the entire state was with him. No one tried to drag it to a low level like the CM did on Sharath’s death.

Even during the press report, while questioned about the attack on Sharath, CM said that “the government will not spare any culprits, no matter if he is a Hindu..or..or….if belongs to any other religion”.

Yes, look at the above sentence, clearly the Hindus were victims but the CM said that he won’t spare Hindu culprits but hesitated and didn’t mention the name of Muslims.

Is this a state which should uphold the democratic values or is it a state whose ancestors are Mughal rulers.

Tipu Sultan had butchered several people in Karnataka-both Hindus and Catholics- but CM Siddaramayya celebrated “Tipu Jayanti” on November 10th against the wish of the majority of the state citizens.

Nishika Ram