Horrific!!! Baba Ram Rahim had sexual relationship with his adopted daughter Honeypreet

India is going crazy on “Rock Star Baba” now a days and one more shocking fact revealed about his alleged daughter Honeypreet, who is most likely the next face of Dera Sacha.

Ram Rahim Baba, is now in Rohtak’s Suniara jail after a special CBI court found him guilty of raping a follower. On the other hand, in a hurry of bowing to some “Rock star Baba”, we have forgotten to know his background. Specially, his adopted alleged daughter Honey Preeth Singh!

When Court has decided to send him to Jail, he has managed to jolt the nation over the weekend, causing violence where over 36 people died and more than 250 were severly injured. But, his story doesn’t end here. It starts from here!

Honeypreet Singh, alleged daughter, a closest in Rahim’s clique and his successor. On Friday, Rahim recently grabbed media’s attention after she was seen flying in a
government funded chopper with Rahim, that took the preacher out of the Panchkula court complex after his conviction in a rape case. But, after this news, it’s found that she is not just a pretty face accompanying Rahim, but she is also an actor, director, editor, “Daddy’s little Princess”, philanthropist and someone who could lead Rahim’s era!

His new film “Messanger of God”, is yet to release. While medias are giving “Free Advertisements” on it, an website of Rahim’s legacy said, “When her dad watched her
putting so much of hard work and learning directing skills so fast, he thought of giving her a chance to debut as a director in MSG The Warrior Lion Heart.”
The way she choosed to define in her facebook page surprises you! With over 500,907 followers on her facebook page, she calls herself the daughter of the DeraSacha
Chief as “Papa’s Angel.” Interesting fact is she is the one who directed MSG.

Her real name is “Priyanka Taneja”.She resides at Fatehabaed near Hisar. She says that she earmed this position because of her proximity with the chief. She is married
with the follower of Rahim, Vishwas Gupta in the year 1999.
The closeness between the chief and honeypreet exploited her marriage. In 2012, Her husband even approached the court stating that the chief has herrased his wife
sexually, but later he withdrew the allegation. It’s believed that Dera Chief Closest Circle threatened him.

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Do you know where she is now?
She is now believed to be living in the house of a Dera follower in Rohtak and from she could be the next face of Dera Sacha. A sexually assaulted girl becomes a
daughter of the accused! That’s what makes their entire family disgusting.

Shika Mahajan