Horrific!!! CPI (M) goons murdered several people and forced their mother to eat the blood stained rice

No doubt!! After 47 years of that incident, people never behold their stupidity to support communism. Thousands of men killed, women got raped and the days were same as massacres of Mughal emperors once done in India. Communist ideology and those atrocious acts they were taken to bully on others were always being imperative and savage decisions.

The sagas of Indian History speaks of Brutalities of its own people, who followed western ideologies and bullied on Indian culture. If we look back into the history, there’s no revolt that happened all of a sudden, but with the help of Indians itself. From the Mughals to British, there was always a betrayal  that reflected the most basic reasons.

Sainbari Massacres:

It’s a saga of Communist’s experiments on murder! Before they replace political movement held in west Bengal, they began to murder their appraisers as their political weapon to shut down every consequence of failures. And, then, they massacred entire west Bengal and murdered every single individual appraiser.

The bestial incident of communist which later being called as “The Sainbary Massacre”  happened before the day of United Governemt toppled, on March 17th, 1970. Much before they came to power heading the Left Front Government in 1977, the CPI-M leaders started their brutal actions. Way back in 1970 CPI-M cadres murdered two important Congress leaders belonging to the Sain family of Burdwan. They made the mother of the two Sain brothers eat rice drenched with the blood of her dead sons. The shock made the mother lose her mental balance, which she never recovered till her death a decade later. Those communist cadres who perpetrated this violence went on to become ministers and MPs under the Left-Front government And their level of brutality symbolic that their ‘political throne soaked with blood of Bengali’s.


At the time of this issue, Sri Amal Haldar, the direct accuse of this case, was a student of an institution and Sri Anil Bose, who was neither an active party member weren’t present during that period. But, the initial FIR was not on both of them and then later, these two names come along with Sri Nirupam and Sri Binoy Chaoudhary, who were much popular as innocents at that time. And, the initial report was not having a name of binoyt and that’s why, he elected as the MLA’s from Burdwantown, defeating the congress candidate, Mr.Pradeep Bhattacharya in the assembly election held in 1971, just a few months after the incident.

Moreover, Mr.Subodh Chowdhury was a dedicated Freedom Fighter and a veteran Communist leader. Mr.Binoy Konar and Mr.Ramnarayan Goswami were present outside of Burdwan town on the day and time of the incident for addressing a rally elsewhere. Mr. Abdul Rashid, Mr. Sushil Bhattacharyya and Mr.Ashwini Hazara were all honorable persons dedicated to the cause of the people and were respected by every town-dweller. People of Burdwantown, even elected Mr. Sushil Bhattacharyya as an M.P. Can one believe that these persons were involved in the said murder case? Later, Sri Nirupama Sen, who was a student leader got FIR too.

Allegations Framed:

  • Sri NirupamSen, Sri BinoyKonar, Sri AmalHalder and Sri Anil Bose were directly involved in the Sainbari murder case.
  • A few other eminent personalities, like SubodhChowdhury, Sushil Bhattacharyya, Ramnarayan Goswami, Abdul Rashid, AshwiniHazara, et al also took active part in the Sainbari murder case.
  • Media alleges that the Sri KhokonSen’s name figures out in the charge sheet. This KhokonSen is Sri NirupamSen, who changed his name to avoid the charges.
  • All documents related to the said case had been destroyed by the Left Front Government with the help of the Co-ordination Committee members of the court.
  • Since no documental evidences exist after such destruction, the case was withdrawn from the court.
  • All the murderers must be punished and so is the necessity to move to the Supreme Court.

After Sainbary Issue:

Entire town got  a bad name and stood as a proof for the brutal actions of Communists.

  • The entire Allhadipur village of Burdwan district was set ablaze by the hooligans belonging to the Congress party and the senior most Sain brother.
  • Mass scale assassination occurred at Chokbalrampur at the instigation of a Sain Brother. Worst of all, the corpses were hanged on a tree and all villagers were forced to see the ghastly scene.
  • Many CPI (M) innocent supporters/leaders at Burdwan town were brutally murdered by the Congress hooligans.

After these communism ideologies brutalities that led to massacre the entire city, West Bengal is still experiencing the new form triology saga with the politics, religion and border disputes.

In the last few decades, there was not a single attempt to move this case to higher court.