Hours after calling Yogi Adityanath as Ajay Bisht, Congress invites a lady to Karnataka as she’s their last weapon to counter PM Modi! But the Kannadigas mock the Congress saying “Why call Edvige Antonia Albina Maino, an outsider?”

It seems Congress party and its leaders have clearly understood that Karnataka has gone out of their hands. The fear propagating on their minds can be easily seen on their faces. The party is completely shaken. They know that nothing could be done now as the blunders created by their party cannot be undone. But still, they are now resorting to their last hope United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson and former Congress president Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

Finally, after the gap of two years, Sonia Gandhi will be addressing a rally at Bijapur in Karnataka. During Uttar Pradesh Election campaigning, she suffered from ill health due to which she has to put off her campaign in Varanasi. Then when Rahul Gandhi became party president she announced that Rahul Gandhi is now her new boss and will be now handling all the affairs of the party.

But it seems Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders are not enough capable to capture the ground. The Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi has failed miserably. He stands nowhere in front of our honourable PM Modi.

Although earlier the opinion polls were suggesting that there could be a hung assembly, BJP is likely to win 89 seats out of 224. The Congress may win 91 seats while the JD(S)-BSP alliance may win 40 seats and others four. But after the PM Modi rallies around every corner of  Karnataka, the scenario has been completely changed. Modi Magic has completely toppled the situation. Now the ground report and all the new surveys and opinion polls are predicting that BJP will win with a massive majority.

This has sent shivers down to the whole Congress Party that’s why now they are moving to their last resort as it seems no else option is available to them. Even after ill health, Sonia Gandhi is campaigning only for Karnataka. It clearly shows how deeply the roots of Congress party has been shaken and they don’t want to lose their last citadel at any cost.

One reason for Sonia Gandhi holding rally in this area is M.B. Patil, one of the main person involved in the movement to grants separate status to Lingayats, is the sitting MLA from the same district and Congress very well known for their move of dividing Lingayats is surely going to backfire you.

If Congress calls Yogi Adityanath “Mr Ajay Bisht” in the same way then Sonia Gandhi is also Antonia Maino

Yesterday the party also launched a scathing attack on CM Yogi Adityanath by calling him by the name he was having before attaining Sainthood. The party said that they are glad that Mr Ajay Kumar Bisht instead of taking care of Uttar Pradesh in the time of need is campaigning for Karnataka. We should learn lessons of good governance from him.

When a person attains Sainthood he has to leave his old name. The CM of UP has the official name “Adityanath”. His name is no longer Ajay Kumar Bisht. Earlier also CM Siddaramaiah targetted PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath by referring them as outsiders? If Congress talks in this way only than Can Congress explain What links Sonia Gandhi is having with Karnataka, now is she an insider. What is her relation with Kannadigas? Sonia Gandhi is also from Italy and in the same way she must also be referred to  Antonia Maino. What is Antonia Maino doing in Karnataka? Even after 70 years Sonia Gandhi hasn’t changed her name in official records. Why the Congress party and CM Siddaramaiah have launched attacked on the leaders and questioned them when they very well know PM Modi and CM Yogi  Adityanath are the sons of this nation only?

Why the Congress party and CM Siddaramaiah have launched attacked on the leaders and questioned them when they very well know PM Modi and CM Yogi  Adityanath are the sons of this nation only.

Anyhow, how hard Congress tries, whatever low level they fall, one thing is sure that the game is not in their hands now. Kannadigas are not going to forgive you for hurting their pride. They had to pay for playing with the life of Kannadigas. Kannadigas have not forgotten your pledge to not release Mahadayi water to Karnataka which had made the life of farmers difficult.