How can we be assured that the Minister who spent 3 nights with the ISI agent didn’t reveal India’s security details with her?

In India, a staunch patriotic, Colonel Purohit was arrested because the then government said that there were proofs (so called proof) against him. But later on, it was proved that it was a manufactured proof created by the “creative wing” of Congress. Why I am saying this is because, when the security forces get even a slight clue that a person is involved in a suspicious activity, then he/she will arrested and interrogated.

As per this logic, Shashi Tharoor should have been arrested by the top most investigative agency of India and should have been grilled for hours. Yes, we need to go few years back to know why. The story is even before Sunanda Pushkar’s death.

Was Shashi Tharoor trapped by ISI?

“There is a girl called Mehr who is hacking into Tharoor’s computer, my computer, she is obsessed with this man. She is an ISI agent. We are not having any problem. We have a hacker, a Pakistani ISI agent”. These are the words of Sunanda Pushkar. She also called this as a “National Emergency” because Shashi Tharoor was a leading intellect in the Congress brigade and hacking his system means a big threat to India.

Even after this was disclosed by Sunanda Pushkar, the Congress didn’t consider it seriously. Why so? Had Shashi Tharoor joined hands with Mehr Tarar?

Another event which will shock you is that, Sunanda Pushkar had a spat with Mehr Tarar on Twitter and few hours later, Sunanda was found dead in a hotel in New Delhi.

Sunanda had also said that “She is an ISI agent planted here in India, she came and interviewed my husband in April and is stalking him. I have heard from Pakistani sources that she is an ISI agent”.

Later, it was reported that Shashi Tharoor had also spent 3 nights with Mehr Tarar in a hotel in Dubai. So what is the assurance that Tharoor didn’t leak any classified information to Mehr?

Pakistani media takes pride in abusing and insulting each and every activity of India, So isn’t it suspicious when a Pakistani woman praises an Indian man who is a big shot in the then Congress government?

Why wasn’t Shashi Tharoor arrested?

Well, Congress had time to arrest innocent Sadhvi Pragya and patriotic Colonel Purohit even though there wasn’t any proof against them. When these innocents were tortured for years in jail, why couldn’t it arrest Shashi Tharoor for his allegedly sharing of secrets with Pakistani ISI agent Mehr Tarar?

A soldier is working for India and even a politician is supposed to work for India. Let’s say that a soldier is having a close moment with Pakistani citizen who is suspected to be an ISI agent. When the security forces comes to know about this, the first action taken will be is that they will arrest that soldier, analyse all his call records and even spy on his family. But nothing had happened in the case of Shashi Tharoor. Why so? How can one assure that he didn’t reveal India’s internal matters to Mehr Tarar?

Why didn’t Tharoor even try to find out the truth?

Arrest of Shashi Tharoor should have happened after he had met Mehr Tarar but Congress didn’t. Even after Sunanda Pushkar called Mehr as an ISI agent, why didn’t Congress track the moment of Shashi Tharoor?

Sunanda died in a mysterious circumstances and it was surprising to see that Tharoor didn’t even try to unearth the truth. Dr Swamy had to dive into this case and now the case is in some progress. Was Mr Tharoor scared that if the case goes in right direction, than he would be exposed?

Why haven’t Mr Tharoor given any clarification regarding the statement given by Sunanda days before her death? Yes, Sunanda had said that she wanted to expose Shashi.

So on what grounds did she wanted to expose him? Was it about the links with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar? Or was it about the IPL scams?

Death of Sunanda Pushkar is not only a loss to her dear ones but to crores of Indians. She was about to expose the dark secrets of Congress but we lost her. The entire battalion of Congress wants to save Tharoor and this can be assessed by the aggressive actions of the Congress. Yesterday, the Congress even manhandled “Republic TV” journalists who were hell bent on exposing Shashi Tharoor.


Nishika Ram