How Jammu & Kashmir has changed completely for the terrorists as well as the civilians?

Terrorism in India poses a significant threat to the citizens of India. Terrorism found in India includes ethno-nationalist terrorism, religious terrorism, left wing terrorism and narco terrorism.

In July 2017, Pakistani newspaper “Pakistan Today” praised -Burhan Wani and compared his death to the death of Che Guevara, citing history repeats itself!!
• On the Independence Day of Pakistan in August 2017, Wani was featured on a special train named Azadi Train which was organised by Pakistan Railways in the memory of country’s national heroes!!

It’s hard to digest that Terrorists in our country have been given more importance rather than our soldiers, who should be respected for their bravery and sacrifice.

“Burhan Muzaffar Wani” was a Kashmiri and the commander of an Islamist terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen. He became popular and appealing among some Kashmiris due to his activity on social media and actions of militancy against India in the Kashmir. He was killed in an encounter with the Indian security forces on 8 July 2016 at the age of 22 which made him a folk hero among certain sections of the population in Kashmir.

Widespread protests erupted in the Kashmir valley after Wani’s death, causing 2016 unrest in valley for nearly half a year. In which more than 90 people died while over 15,000 civilians and more than 4,000 security personnel were injured. The violence which erupted after his death was described as the worst unrest in the region since the 2010 Kashmir unrest, with Kashmir being placed under 53 consecutive days of curfews imposed by Indian authorities that was lifted from all parts of the region on 31 August 2016.

Kashmir has changed for the militants and the civilians now!!

Nearly a year later, on 27th of May this year, security forces gunned down Wani’s second-in-command “Sabzar Ahmad Bhat”. From Wani to Bhat, the landscape of politics, civil strife and militancy has undergone a drastic change in the Kashmir over the year.

“Burhan Wani’s death shook the Hizbul thoroughly. They have not had another young leader like him who could sway the crowds so much. The Hizbul was like a fish out of water without him. So they try and instigate the youth against the state and army. They also lack money. So this attempt to snatch weapons and rob banks in separate incidents in Kupwara and Pulwama in June is a sign of desperation,” said a senior intelligence officer. The days following Wani’s killing saw civil strife knife through Kashmir, with his funeral procession drawing unprecedented crowds with Kashmir shutting down completely.

The centre too has been equally stern about its stance on Kashmir. Defence minister Arun Jaitley, on 25th of May sounded a clear warning, permitting the army to carry out operations in Kashmir as they deemed fit. “They don’t have to consult members of Parliament on what they should do under these circumstances,” Jaitley said.

Defence experts also asserted that the face of Kashmir had undergone a radical change since Burhan Wani’s killing last year. With a decades-old military practice the Cordon and Search Operation (CASO) back in use, experts added that strategies too had undergone a sea change.

“This army does not take things like stone pelting lying down. Their stand is very clear. The borders have been sealed and militants are being hunted down and killed. As for the Hizbul, they are crumbling under pressure from all quarters because the army is bringing back tactics from the 90s,” said Gaurav Arya, defence expert and former army officer.

I have included a statistical data below from the year 1994- 2017. In which it reveals some astonishing facts on the casualties of civilians, security forces and terrorists in Kashmir. As you can check the number of deaths of terrorists in the presence of NDA government is significantly high compared to the previous rule of UPA.

Ever since Modi government took over, the infiltration of terrorists into Kashmir have greatly reduced. Adding to the joy, killing of civilians and security forces has reduced to a greater extent.

It is quite shameful. While the entire country is celebrating the killing of these terrorists, a few people from our own media, intellects have been blowing air to this issue. Their only intention is to use this opportunity as a medium in order to pressurize present BJP government.

“Sir, I am a soldier I have no opinion about politics”.



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