How many more religions do you want to create Mr Siddaramaiah? Do you want Indians to fight and kill each other in name of caste and religion?!

The biggest curse on India is the caste system which was introduced by some selfish people to dominate the society and undermine others. While no culture in India ever spoke about caste or discrimination, some dimwits mislead and twisted the facts creating the inhumane practice of untouchibility and discrimination.

Although the caste system was restricted to some places until 15-16th century, the British crooks used this opportunity to divide Hindus on basis of caste and helped it spread in every region of India. They created more divide among different castes and used it to fight against Indians. But after Independence, the Congress government followed the same divide and rule policy to snatch power. They created differences between Hindu castes, indulged in minority appeasement and ultimately broke the society into bits and pieces. Ultimately, a country with enormous potential which should have grown 10 times faster than China, Singapore of western countries fell back in to medieval ages with people fighting with each other on caste and religion.

While the entire world was thinking about innovation, technology and development, in India politicians made us fight against each other because your father’s grandfather belonged to X caste and your mother’s grandmother belonged to Y caste. Not one or two years, for a continuous 70 years we have fought with each other in name of castes.

Who are the master minds behind this? Of course its the criminal politicians who would go to any extent to snatch the bloody chair of power. They  do not care if you fight with swords and sticks breaking each others bones, they don’t care if your family member dies, they do not care if you get killed. They need money, they need power and they will make you do anything to get what they want. We fools go behind them clapping hands and wagging tails with an illusion of bagging gold mine.

India is flooded with castes and religions which no other country has, we have enough religions which cannot tolerate each other. So, do we need more religions to be created which will further divide the society to an extent that no one can ever tolerate each other??

Do you remember the 1990’s communal riots which shook India, do you remember the recent Bhima Koregaon violence which was propped up by those criminals who wanted to snatch power in the name of caste and religion. Not hundreds, not thousands but lakhs have died fighting for caste and religion killing each other, now another separate Lingayat religion will further create divide in the society. It will not just create divide but tomorrow another caste will demand for a separate religion, and another and another and will have no end to it. People will next ask for separate state, separate country just like how AZADI gang is demanding in Jammu Kashmir.

Ultimately there will be no India left, the great rich culture which was built on the very soil will have lost all its importance and value. The country which was known for its unity and diversity will be called for DIVORCED UNITY.  India being super power, India being Vishwa Guru will only be a dream which can never happen if we let these criminal politicians keep dividing our society.

Do they talk about development, do they talk about giving jobs, education, food, shelter…NO!  What they talk is about how to create violence, how to create riots, which community should be attacked, which community should be divided, which religion needs to be broken…..Is this what we want for our country? Is this the country or environment we want our children to grow in? 10 years down the lane, may be our children will be attacked because he did not belong to X,Y, Z religion…is this why we are electing governments?

See what is happening in Karnataka after separate religion status was given!

Karnataka is the last state for Congress, it is the treasure bank for them. If they lose Karnataka, they will lose existence in the country which is why they will go to any extent to win, even if it means to break Karnataka into 1000 pieces. What they want is power, power and power. They will not see whom they will destroy, they will not see whom they have to kill, they will not see what will happen in the future, but will do everything to divide people and fool them to whatever extent possible.

Rahul Gandhi says that Lingayats are not Hindus…..Whoa!!! We people should feel ashamed that we have let an Italian family rule India and let them speak, decide and certify who are called Hindus. Lord Basaveshwara who is regarded the father of Lingayat community never taught to distinguish any religion or any caste. He never preached to divide Hindus. But here after 800 years after his death the crook politicians of our country are killing the legacy of the great man who strived his entire life to abolish caste system.

Shame on us for letting these criminal politicians rule the country!!!

Aishwarya S