How many of you know that a wife of Algerian Diplomat slapped, kicked & punched Sagarika Ghose?

Sagarika Ghose, an Indian journalist who had a life full of controversies, regularly gets beaten up in social media for her hate mongering statements. But, have you ever come to know that she was badly beaten in public 18 years ago?

Express new service had reported this news 18 years ago!

Report said, “On February 16, Journalist Sagarika Ghose has been beaten up very badly by Algerian Diplomat’s wife.”

Journalist Sagarika Ghose, who was an employee at Outlook weekly, drove into the posh-Khan Market area along with her three-year-old son in the afternoon to do a “little-shopping”. But, 15 minutes later, she was covered with bruises all over her face and with messed up hair after an Algerian diplomat’s wife had beaten her up!!

She rolled her up by saying that she had parked her Maruti car in front of the Algerian woman’s Contessa (2 CD 6). An argument began when the latter objected that there was a little space for her to drive out of the parking lot.

However, Abdel Hamid’s wife had beaten her up till her makeup went off! While her three years kid was frightened seeing his mother who was in no senses.

Hamid, who was working as a Counsellor with the Algerian Embassy, was not accompanying his wife at that time.

Meanwhile, the infuriated Outlook reacted to Hamid’s silence by saying, “Don’t be silly, there is enough space for you.”

Alas!! Till he did not know that he owns a space in Outlook!!!!

She herself claimed that Mrs Hamid then stepped out of her Contessa and forcibly opened the door of her Maruthi and threw her across the road. For the next five minutes, she (Sagarika) was at the receiving end of a series of slaps, kicks and punches!!

Police had escaped!!!

A Police Control Room Gypsy which was in the vicinity did little to cool temper, even when her kid was crying. The Police later said that they were in two minds because ‘women were involved’.

Mrs Hamid’s blood raged!!

Seeing this fight, other shop keepers in the area tried to manage to pull Mrs Hamid off from Sagarika. “She is so strong, it was difficult to hold her back”, they said.