How many states does India have? You will die laughing after what this Modi-hater said!

How many states does India have? In a hurry to troll and insult PM Modi, do you know what did Shehla Rashid say?

How many states does India have? You’ll die laughing after what  Shehla Rashid say in a hurry to troll and insult PM Modi

This furious young lady, who is almost 30 years old and yet a student at JNU, played the Muslim card when she was caught spreading blatant lies. During demonetization, crores of Indians had supported PM Modi but this young lady said that only the NRIs had supported PM Modi. To support this, she even pointed out at an Indian but when her allegations were proved wrong, she played the minority card saying, Muslims don’t lie.

After her close aide, Jignesh Mewani witnessed a flop show in instigating massive violence in Maharashtra and Delhi, she gained all her spirits back and tried to bounce back at PM Modi. But in a hurry to attack, abuse and insult PM Modi, she exposed herself.

Even a 5-year-old kid know the number of states in India but this JNU student doesn’t even have this basic knowledge. She tweeted,

“Dear Mr. Narendra Modi, why do you think elections are a waste? We are a country of 1.3 billion people and 30 states. We have 3 tiers of governance. Do you want to abolish election?

Soon, the Indians burst into laughter looking at her extremely pathetic state of general knowledge. Let me make an attempt to remind (teach) her that there are 29 states and 7 union territories in India. But this revolutionary leader gifted an extra state to India.

Is this a hint that using her “Tukde Tukde Gang”, she will split an Indian state into two? Anyways, the Indians were smart enough to notice the blunder created by Shehla Rashid.

“Hehe yeah, Bibi trying to make another state! Jung rahegiJungg Rahegi”, mocked a Twitterati.

Did Shehla Rashid include Pakistan?

What else can be expected from the JNU student who opposed the compulsory attendance system?

JNU student union  resisted a move by the university administration that makes attendance mandatory for students registered in all programmes from winter session 2018. This is what happens when a student doesn’t attend history classes, mocked Twitterati.

Now its time to counter the tweet of Shehla Rashid!

Did PM Modi really say that elections are a waste? The PM said he wants elections to be held simultaneously and not all throughout the year, which is something the country would arguably benefit from. You (Shehla Rashid) would know if you’d listen rather than keeping yourself busy coming up with such shabby and baseless critiques.

Shehla Rashid needs to stop her urban Naxalism!

  • Elections ain’t waste. Continuous elections held at local, state and national level disrupt governance and make politicians indulge into populist measures, which indirectly harm people. Simultaneous elections is what he’s talking about. Moreover, we have 29 states.
  • So this is why I want you to concentrate in studies as long as you are living a parasite’s life. Once you make your own money, do all the urban Naxalism and reverse watermelonism.

Shehla Rashid, don’t distort what PM Modi said!

  • Apart from not knowing how many states are there in India, don’t distort what PM Modi said. He never asked for elections to be abolished. Only explained merits of simultaneous polls. You’re not IQ challenged so this is deliberate. Half truths worse than lies.

Hansika Raj