Who Is BL Santhosh?! How Much Do You Know About The Bharatiya Janata Party’s National Secretary (Organization)?!!

“Do not be very upright in your dealings,
You would see in forest
The straight trees are cut down
While the crooked ones are left standing”

This is a quote from Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya here is giving out an outright caution not be very simple in our day to day dealings because good, straight forward nature people are often targeted than the ones who are crooked.

And politics is such a game where it is never sure that only truth, righteousness will bring victory. If we see the condition of politics in India today, to expect and find any leader who is not corrupt is itself a big deal.

Yet there are few leaders, who are known for their simplicity, their truthful nature, their clean character and straightforwardness. B.L.Santhosh – BJP’s National General Secretary(Organisation)  is one such leader in the national politics who is a saint in his Kaayaka- work and also in his Jeevana- life.

People who call Spade a spade usually appear to be rude or very strict but their outspoken nature itself is what distinguishes them from those who sugarcoat their words in order to impress or acquire any favors from the leaders above them.

B.L.Santhosh’s strongest trait in his personality is this fearless attitude and he is someone who do not mince his words. 25 years of his life has been dedicated to the work as a “Pracharak” of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. He never cared about acquiring any property for himself, he found the greatest treasure in the people who loved him and respected him unconditionally.

Bommarabettu Lakshmijanardhana Santhosh became the beloved Santhoshji. The hardest part is describing this man and his works because he never sought any publicity, hence even if we search on Google, we will not be getting any information on this man. Let alone having a conversation with media, Santhosh ji doesn’t even entertain an unnecessary chat with Karyakartas also…

He is a Karma Yogi. A staunch nationalist and an unapologetic Hindu. He has always remained true to the ideology he believes in. He has remained true to what Sangh teaches. There are very few photos of him or articles of him or any publicity of his works. Santhosh ji was a brilliant student, he could have chosen a lavish lifestyle after he cleared his Engineering with high grades. But he dedicated his life for a Yajna- of Nation Building, and service. Simple attire – always seen in white Dhoti and Shirt, a picture of Vagdevi in his pocket, a Kumkuma onthe forehead.. Santhosh ji has remained a Brahmachari and has dedicated his life at the service of Bharata mata.

As quoted above, his this simplicity has been put under constant attack from the detractors. He has been accused of conspiring against some leaders and he has been falsely blamed as an aspirant for the post of Chief Minister Of Karanataka.

In politics it is very common to defame and malign a person’s name, detractors take this path to create hurdles in anyone’s successful career. But when the same hurdles gets created by the own party members, the issue gets rather unwanted publicity and it causes damage to the personality of the leader too…

Why Santhosh Ji’s name pops up in every political debate concerned to the state of Karnataka?!

Every karyakarta knows that he never ever desired for any post in the Sangh or the party. Even then why this games of mud slinging is being done?!

It was in 2006, Santhosh ji has been elected as the State secretary (organisation). The BJP in Karnataka was suffering because of some some scandalous behaviour by few party leaders and the mammoth leader of the party Sri BS Yediyurappa ji had just left the party and had formed Karnataka Janata Party. A national political party like BJP was literally shocked to it’s core.

During this desperate times, it was Santhosh ji who took responsibility of building the party to it’s previous glory. What he did was a duty of an obedient karyakarta, a good teacher and a great leader. The party workers were feeling devasted, it was Santhosh ji who got them back on their feet and inspired them to build the party once again. In 2011 when Sadananda Gowda ji was about to take oath as Chief minister of Karnataka, some of the party workers had a feeling that Santhosh ji too get his chance of leading the party from that post.

Santhosh ji called them all to Jagannath Bhavana, he asked them all to wait for him in Panchajanya, and when he entered in, karyakartas knew he is someone not to cross at the moment. He announced and made his intention very clear in that meeting.. He told the party workers that he is not in the field to become Chief Minister, his only responsibility is organisation and that is what he will continue to do! The way he slammed the door while exiting the room sent a clear message.

There is trend in Karantaka politics, that is to project BSY Vs BL Santhosh. Here we give you a inside story of what happened in 2014.

BS Yediyurappa had returned to BJP and was g for Lok Sabha elections from Shivamogga. Gita Shivrajkumar from JDS and Jayaram Hegde from Congress were his opponents.
Nobody bhad even an iota of doubt about who would emerge victorious…and as icing on cake even Santhosh ji had worked day and night to seal victory for Yediyurappa ji in Shivmoga.

But, there were few TV news channels who were broadcasting imaginary speculations that may be Gita Shivrajkumar will emerge as winner. Those channels had come to BJP headquarters asking for advertisements during election times. And they had to encounter Santhosh Ji’s straight words.. Santhosh ji confronted them asking how could they give our false news by taking money from detractors and have audacity to come asking for advertisement from BJP. He asked them How can anyone even make a news as silly as predicting defeat for Yediyurappa ji. Many people who blame him of playing games against BSY doesn’t know this truth.

Santhosh ji brought a much needed discipline into the party workings and its workers. People who say he can’t even win a Gram Panchayat election, he doesn’t have a mass leader approach doesn’t even have the faintest idea how BJP works as a party. The organizing body will work on everything from setting water bottles to mic to arranging chairs, but they never go on stage, they never seek lime light.

Santhosh ji might not have contested in a Gram Panchayat election, but he has sealed victory for the candidates in innumerable elections, he may not appear to some as a mass leader, but don’t underestimate his caliber of creating hundreds of mass leaders.

Moreover people who are trying to project BSY and BL Santhosh as opponents clearly doesn’t have party’s interest at heart. They want to tar advantage by creating insecurity among the followers of BSY and in the process they just want to secure Power and position for themselves. Karyakartas need to identify these traitors and keep them well at a distance to avoid putting party into embarassment.

Some blame him for objecting on the issue of ticket to Yediyurappaji’s son during Vidhana Sabha elections. But just think about it, the biggest problem in Indian Politics today is the Dynastic politics and the only party which has raised above that culture and has proved its worth is BJP, if Yediyurappa ji’s son would have been given a ticket by the party, wouldnt it have sent a very wrong message?!

Times have changed and Sri Yediyurappa ji has taken charge as Karnataka’s Chief Minister. The horrors of coalition government has been ended in Karnataka. And just like in Lok Sabha election where the charisma and hardwork of both Yediyurappa ji and Santhosh ji ensured 25 seats out of 28 for BJP in Karnataka, during Vidhana Sabha By elections too, people Karnataka showered their live for the “Lotus”
This could happen only because leaders had worked in unison and for the party.

When the worst floods had hit Karnataka, Yediyurappa ji had worked like an one man army. And also never forget when Karnataka BJP was facing crisis, it was Santhosh ji who.was One man army, organising, leading, building party and boosting the morale of Karyakartas.

The day when Loksabha results were out and people were rejoicing reelection of Narendra Modiji as our prime minister, there was a Karma Yogi who was giving a shout out to his Karyakartas, to buckle up for on coming challenges,his tweet read,

“Do not get carried away, we still have Kerala and Tamil Nadu to win. Karyakartas must not rest till the lotus blooms all over South India”

That’s Santhosh ji For You!


Postcard Team


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