How much do you know about the top 5 achievements of India since Independence?


Twice invaded by foreigners, ripped off its wealthy glory, facing the agony of partition, punctured by numerous anti-national elements, yet standing strong in the face of all & that’s India for the world…

The country that today stands as a strong-developing nation has achieved and lost so many things in its journey. Our country has come a long way since its Independence.

No matter how, intolerant people think our country is, it holds some of the most best educational institutions, IT industries, Employment sectors and trade sources sufficient enough to help the country grow strong in all means.
There still might be a lot of scope for infrastructure, better education and economic policies, foreign and defense strategies, even thought-process of certain section of society, but you cannot ignore the developments that led us to make a mark in numerous areas at global level.

India has Eradicated Epidemics and Polio:

We are now free of some of those most dangerous illness troubling us before Independence Era.Well, we must be proud to say that, India has successfully eradicated various epidemics and Polio from our nation.Life expectancy is 69.09 years which was only 32 years at the time of Independence. This is one of the major achievement taking into account that we comprise 17% of world population.

India has reached new heights in Defence & Space:

India’s Military power is now ranked as the 2nd largest in the world.Indians have learnt lessons from history very well and focused their energy in developing strong deterrent in the form of their armed forces. Indian defence sector has got one of most sophisticated missile programmers in the world.

Indians have been able to develop one of the most envious space programmes in the world started in the year 1969 after their independence .Today we are launching various space programmes including Lunar and Mars mission,and commercial launching of satellites of developed nations at very low cost.

India’s Defence and Research organisations are one among the best in the world, gaining all that amount of appreciation for our country as well as protecting the countrymen in all means.

Independent Foreign Policy:

Indians have been able to pursue an independent foreign policy after independence and interference from the Foreign sources have been reduced completely under the present Central Government. Sincere efforts by our country and countrymen  in various fields like agriculture production, economic progress, space programmes , nuclear energy and defence are a contribution to these developments.

Democracy Policy: 

Strong democratic institutions have been another achievement of India. In spite of various pulls and pressures of a new and poor nation at its independence,India has been able to develop its democracy beautifully by giving universal franchise to its citizens irrespective of their economic and social status.

Digital India:

Since independence India has been developing its technical education sector steadfastly. This resulted into our green revolution which increased our food grain production more than four times, our independent space programmes, eradication of epidemics and our envious IT sector.

We are now the most advanced in technology and digitalization, compared to any of the developed countries in the world. The country that stood no where in the past century has now grown to unimaginable heights of development, which the world admires.

Source: Defence.pk

Top 5 achievements of India since independence