How Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti inspired the nation-Laljan Bugti tells our Readers!

Shaheed Nawab Akbar bugti became hero and inspirational figure for every one in Balochistan.

On the occasion of his 10th martyrdom anniversary on 26th August, people are holding memorial references, public events, awareness campaigns, quran recitation internationally and locally to remember the life and struggle of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti who led the nation in quest for freedom.

At the age of 80, He never backed off his demand and continue fighting throughout great hardship along the way; his aspiration and devotion to free the baloch nation turned into a nightmare for the Punjabi supremacists who rascally, selfishly tried to rule Baloch like slave and plunder the Baloch national wealth. His legacy lives up to this day and inspired millions to stand in front nuclear­power state which is greatly dominated by the punjabis with full of ego and selfishness.

His age and health never mattered when it came to defend the basic rights of Baloch people; his power was beyond comparison that even after his death, the disgraceful, Notorious Chief of Punjabi Army, Pervaiz Musharaf of pakistan, could never lock the ideology in the coffin. The idea of Akbar bugti never died; his mission for a free and prosperous balochistan continued to prevail.

The ugly and monstrous army chief publically congratulated his army on electronic media after the assassination of baloch leader and but later on, he shamelessly claimed that it was “Bugti who committed suicide, therefore it led to collapsation of the cave”. It had always been common in the case of such pathological liar like Musharraf.

Pakistan thought that it will get rid of the particular problem and win out the uprising of Baloch mass by eliminating Nawab bugti, but instead, it made things more worse. It was clear fact that the killing of baloch veteran leader triggered the 5th round of military operation which now topped all the previous one, wrapping the whole baloch into graveyard, crossing all the limit of humanity.

Early life and politics Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was the son of Nawab Mehrab Khan Bugti. He was born on July 12th 1927 in Barkhan, Balochistan. he received his early education from atchison college, Lahore, becoming an extremely intelligent child who showed great interests and enthusiasm for learning which made as great as he was. Some of his favorite subject he prefered were history, culture, weather, and geography.

He became the chief of his tribe after death of his father, Nawab Mehrab Khan bugti, at age of thirteen. As head of the bugti tribe, Nawab Bugti skillfully managed tribal and other social affairs, making sure that everyone is treated equally. Being one of the great reformers of baloch history, Nawab Bugti abolished class of discrimination among his people.

Nawab Akbar Bugt, a well­educated and well­known baloch leader, having a mass following in balochistan, became hurdle in way of occupiers who were always on to loot and plunder the Baloch natural and national wealth. Punjabi leadership always wanted to put baloch in the perpetual darkness by forces and violation, refusing them education, representation, job, health care.

He was repeatedly jailed for years by the shameless Punjabi leaders were badly failed after the so­ called cases against Nawab bugti were later proven wrong and baseless. For the sake of Baloch rights, He always worked under the political landscape of pakistan. He became governor of balochistan in early 1970″™s, holding the office for a short period because of Military operation on baloch civilians in Balochistan.

And again Bugti participated 1988 elections and became the chief minister of Balochistan.

Once again he held the position for a short period. Pakistan never wanted any genuine and honest leader to represent the people of balochistan, but a self­serving ordinary man who can takeorders only from the army.

But fortunately, Pakistan never defeated the passionate and dedicated leader like Nawab Akbar bugti who was always ready to take any step in the service of Baloch people, so he decided to establish his own political party ” The Jamhoori Watan Party”.

In 2000, He started campaigning to fight for the right of every marginalized people who were deprived of basic rights within Punjabi­dominated government. He then started educating baloch people throughout Balochistan about pakistan”™s evil attention to tightly control the baloch soul by turning it into a military base.

As a free­thinker and secular leader, He had given a safe place to people from different walk of life in his hometown where people despite of religious beliefs and race, lived with baloch people in peace and harmony. Shaheed Nawab Akbar bugti felt strong about right and wrong, giving everyone the right to speak their problem before the Tribal court.


Freedom Fight

“Everybody wishes to be free and sovereign and to be owner the property he owns, Nobody likes to be a slave”, answered nawab bugti when asked about whether or not he was in favor of an independent balochistan. During his time, he struggled to get the national resources of Baloch people that were looted by Pakistan. He believed it was “our natural right” and no one can deny it.

The problem came to a boiling point when female doctor was brutally raped by a pakistani army captain. Nawab bugti demanded justice, saying that everyone should be treated equally according to law whether it”™s punjabi or Baloch. Instead of bringing the culprit to justice,Musharraf ordered to cordon off entire Dera Bugti and started relentless bombardment on the hometown of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

More than 70 people including women and children, especially belonging to hindu community were slaughtered during the military operation in 2005. There are Undeniable evidences of recorded video clip where piles of dead bodies of women and children lying on the ground and covered with blood in abandoned home that were shattered by mortar bombs. One rocket was also landed on the room of Nawab bugti sitting with his tribesman, but miraculously no one was hurt. The objective of the army operation was to eliminate him, but fortunately, he survived those attacks and decided to go to mountain. When all doors of achieving a possible peaceful solution to problem were closed, the 80 year old Nawab bugti had taken gun and fought the might of pakistan to resist the forceful occupation.

The army was obviously superior, but the bold Shaheed Nawab Bugti said in his own words:

“They are more powerful, they can kill me and bring destruction to our people, but we, in the defense of Motherland, can also shed few drop of their blood.”

On August 26th 2006, The evil Musharaf came up with more inhuman plan, using all available air and ground power to assassinate Nawab Bugti. The army operation, backed by gunship helicopters, started indiscriminate bombardment on mountain range with chemical weapon in Tharatani area of Kohlu where Bugti was taking shelter.

Army ultimately succeeded in their plane to kill Baloch leader who was a hope and a shining star in dark future of Baloch nation. He embraced martyrdom with his loyal comrade dedicated to his following. Musharraf thought that it would put an end to the baloch uprising, but it was only just the beginning.

The killing of baloch leader sparked protest across Balochistan; people took to the street and chanted anti­pakistani slogan. It brought all about people under single umbrella and united them to fight the oppressors for their liberty.

Thousands of people mourned his death by lightening candle before his posters. They remembered him in good words and considered him as the great leader in Baloch history. Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti brought the freedom movement to a stage where it”™s impossible for any power to stop it.

“it”™s better to die quickly in the mountains then slowly in the bed.”Â­ -Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti

By Laljan Bugti, Human Right and political activist of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) led by Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti. You can contact him via email: [email protected]