How Soldiers Slapped Kejriwal for Seeking Proof : The Video Which Went VIRAL on Social Media!

Within the dense forest in the critical weather, few men were hiding. They were probably waiting for someone to pass. Their eyes were blood red, like they haven’t had a peaceful sleep for years. The eyes had determination in them.

The man had guns in their powerful hands, a heavy baggage clinging on their back and a proud uniform on the body. Yes, they were Indian Army. The men attacked a terrorist camp of the area, and killed all of them. They had all the armaments needed, but one – A CAMERA.

One of the soldiers in the video is asking to take the dead body of the militant for the proof.  He has called Kejriwal (Muffler-Topiwala) a Vibhishan of this age. This Vibhishan is brother of Ram and is on the side of Ravan, fighting against Ram.

The video ends with saying- “Ravan ke pehle,Vibhishan jalega”

While Surgical Strike was an answer to the terrorist land Pakistan, this video is an answer to Kejriwal and his blind followers.

This video is a satire on people like Kejriwal,Nirupam and Digvijay who demanded proof of Surgical Strike done by Indian Army on night of September 28-29. The makers have cleverly slammed ArvindKejriwal, for asking proof of the strike. Sanjay Nirupam from Congress went one step up, and called it completely FAKE. They are rattled as if someone has trespassed their own mother land.

These politicians, who don’t even know the difference between Border and LoC are questioning the Army and asking for proof of the surgicalstrike – Despite theDGMOs confirmation.

Interestingly, these are the same words of Pakistan as well. It’s up to you, if you want to call it a coincidence.

Shibya Pandey